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April 8, 2014

5:30 p.m.

 A G E N D A


1.      Call to Order and Roll Call

2.      Pledge

3.      Approval of Minutes of the Regular Fiscal Court Meeting of March 25, 2014


4.      Reports:    

      a. Treasurer Becky Wilson                                    g. Animal Control Susan Jones

      b. Ambulance Hunter Shewmaker                                    h. Jouett House Janice Clark

      c. Maintenance David Long                                  i. Sheriff Wayne Wright

      d. Recycling Sherri McDaniel                               j. Police Johnny Wilhoit

      e. Road Buan Smith                                             k. EDA John Soper

      f. Emergency Mgt. Keith Slugantz                                  


5.      Report of Special Committees


6.      General Orders and Unfinished Business

a.      Transfers

b.      Accounts

c.      Personnel Orders


d.      Proposed Second Reading of  Zoning Map Amendment-3540 Lexington Road, 3620 Lexington Road, 498 Lexington Road; Ordinance No. 2014-01


e.      Proposed Second Reading of Zoning Map Amendment & Preliminary Development and Final Plat; 5630 McCowans Ferry Road; Ordinance No. 2014-02


f.       Approval of Fair Board requests as presented to Judge/Executive on March 24th.  (Report requested from Payton Hall Committee)


7.      New Business

a.      Executive Session  

b.      Introduction of Vicki Martin, Regional Response Manager for Woodford County

c.      Proposed First Reading of Zoning Map Amendment Speedway-3585 Lexington Rd.-1.427 acres from R-1A (single family residential) to B-5 (highway business district); Ordinance No. 2014-4


8.      Good of the County

a.      Program

b.     Announcements

                      i.     Magistrates

                    ii.     County Attorney

                   iii.     Judge/Executive

c.      Adjournment

Agenda subject to revision.