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Submission Guidelines:

News Items: Items of general interest to Woodford Sun readers are encouraged; however, it almost always pays to be brief. Submitted news items are subject to editing for brevity, clarity, spelling, punctuation and grammar. When composing news items, keep in mind the five "W"s: Who, What, When, Where and Why. Always include a contact name and telephone number in case we have questions about your submission. Submission of news items does not guarantee their publication, but we will make every effort to publish items that relate to Woodford County or its people.

Photographs: We accept photographs from the community for publication. We publish these photographs as we have space for them, and the submission of a photo does not guarantee its publication. In most cases, photos of posed large groups are not as interesting visually as those with fewer people doing things, such as students working on a project. Except where impractical, photo information should include the first and last names of all the people in the picture, including teachers and other adults (Mrs. Smith or John's grandmother are not acceptable identifications); a description of the activity and where it took place, as well as a contact name and telephone number. Always list names in the following order: left to right, front row to back row. Photos should be well-lit and in focus. Color photos are acceptable.

Electronic submissions: Both news items and digital photographs may be submitted by e-mail to Please include contact names and numbers as well as photo information in the body of the e-mail message.

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