The Woodford Sun: Established 1869

The Woodford Sun began publication in January of 1869.

Clarence Greathouse and Captain Henry McLeod produced the first issue of The Woodford Weekly, as it was then known, and the paper later was published by J. J. Hayes. In about 1875, Daniel M. Bowmar Sr. and others bought the The Woodford Weekly, but the paper was sold a short time later to the Rev. Benjamin Deering when Mr. Bowmar moved to Chicago to return to the insurance business.

Deering consolidated The Woodford Weekly with The Midway Sun, thereby providing the present name, The Woodford Sun, which then passed into the hands of Samuel Field and Willis Field.

Because of ill health, Mr. Bowmar left Chicago and returned to Versailles in 1881, and on Jan. 1, 1882, again took possession of the newspaper. He continued as its publisher and editor until forced to retire because of ill health in 1885.

His sons, Aitcheson A. and Daniel M. Bowmar Jr., though barely in their teens, took over active operation of the firm and continued to publish and edit The Woodford Sun until the latter’s death in 1942, at which time the paper was sold to A.B. “Happy” Chandler, whose family still owns the paper.

Whitney Chandler, Publisher

The Chandler family has owned and operated the Woodford Sun for 75 years, and Whitney has worked in every department of the business since 1977, as a printer, salesman, photographer, reporter, copy editor and columnist.  He studied history at Transylvania University and architecture at the University of Kentucky.  He has served as chairman of the company since 2000, and assumed the position of publisher in 2014.






Bob Vlach, Reporter & Photographer

During the 20 years that Bob has been a reporter with The Woodford Sun, he has really enjoyed writing about the people, places and events that make this community a unique place. He feels very fortunate to have these opportunities to share your stories with others in the community. The newspaper business has changed since he graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 1990, but weekly newspapers still do what other media outlets do not. They cover local stories about local people in their community.


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Marla Carroll, Design Editor

Marla began working at The Woodford Sun in July 1996 and has received multiple excellence awards from the Kentucky Press Association.  She has worked in a a variety of positions at The Sun, initially in real estate composition.  Currently, she is the design editor.

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Mimi Logsdon, Human Resource Manager

Mimi has been with The Woodford Sun since May 2013 as their Accounts Manager and Human Resource Representative. She is a mother of five and grandmother of six.   


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John McGary, Editor

John McGary came to The Woodford Sun in April, 2014. He’s a Lexington native and a Navy veteran with more than 20 years of experience in print, radio and television journalism. His journalism awards include an honorable mention in the 2014 Kentucky Press Association’s feature story category for The Sun, a Midwest Regional Emmy, Kentucky AP’s “Best Television Reporter,” Navy Broadcaster of the Year and Navy Print Journalist of the Year.

John covers Woodford Fiscal Court, the Versailles and Midway city councils, and is the author of the weekly page two column, “Here’s Johnny,” the title of which he claims Johnny Carson stole from him via time travel.


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Debra Mitchell, Classifieds Composition

Debra has been with The Woodford Sun since September of 2009. Her family moved to Versailles in 1971 after her father retired from the Navy. She is a Woodford County High School Graduate and continues to reside in Versailles with her husband, two sons and mother. Debra has been a fan of “The Sun” since her youth and considers the many clippings she has saved over the years helpful and important in preserving her family history.


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