• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Community says farewell to Logan

Hundreds gathered at Community Stadium Friday to say farewell to Logan James Dean Tipton, the six-year-old boy murdered in his home four days before. His coffin was brought onto the field that friends and family members say he’d hoped to play on when he grew up, and placed at midfield. The scoreboard bore the number 63 that Logan wore in his youth football league. Dozens of loved ones and members of the Woodford County High Yellow Jackets football team, wearing their jerseys, gathered on the field. Brother Terry Jenkins of Mortonsville Assembly of God comforted the assembled with words of scripture and assurances that the boy was now in heaven – and that he wanted people to love, not hate. “As a minister, my Bible teaches me that there’s a street of gold, there’s mansions, there’s hills, there’s cities, there’s countryside, and there’s a little place called the Crystal Sea. And I believe there’s a place right there in that Crystal Sea for him to be able to fish out of. I believe that today with all my heart,” Jenkins said. Jenkins asked for an ovation for Logan, and described the boy playing football in heaven, narrating a long touchdown run. “The sound that you just heard, of laughter and clapping and cheers, doesn’t compare to the sound that was made on Dec. 7, 2015. When Logan entered heaven, angels stood on the sidelines as he was escorted down midfield, as he was presented to his heavenly father, and he laid his helmet down and was given the crown of life …” Jenkins said. “That crown is his trophy today, folks. He won big. He won real big. …” After the song “Silent Night” was played over the stadium’s speakers, Woodford Youth Football League President Peter Barnhardt provided the final words. “Logan, today, is God’s number one draft pick. You have fought the good fight, you’ve given it your all, and you have scored the perfect touchdown, and you are victorious. As coaches, all we ever asked was for your best. We always said, ‘Give your team everything you have, and when the game ends, if you’re unable to walk off the field, we will come get you, and we will carry you off the field.’ …” Barnhardt said, choking back tears. Then Barnhardt, Jenkins and others carried Logan’s white coffin off the field, with members of the Yellow Jackets football team on one side and his loved ones on the other. Logan James Dean Tipton was laid to rest at Rose Crest Cemetery.

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