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Letters to the editor

Special place Editor, The Sun: The people of Woodford County have something very special that they may not even realize, compared to places like Lexington. Most think our hospital cannot even be compared, but I’m writing this letter to express my appreciation for Bluegrass Community Hospital. On Aug. 9, I was out on my farm, and had an accident that required surgery. I went to Bluegrass Community Hospital, where I met with nurses, doctors and other staff members to discuss options. Two hours later, l had made my decision. Rather than go to Lexington, I decided to remain at Bluegrass Community Hospital and have the surgery there. I am so glad I made that decision. The care I received could not have been any better elsewhere. The emergency room, the hospital staff, the CEO, the physicians, and the nurses were all out of this world. I would like to recognize the entire staff in every department, especially the excellent orthopedic department, with a wonderful physician, Dr. Jon Joseph Sanchez, as well as the physical therapy department. Although my injury was serious, the experience I had there made it a lot easier, not only the surgery, but my recovery process. Even the food was more like home or restaurant cooking rather than typical hospital food. I couldn’t have asked for a more friendly, caring, clean, all-around better place to be than Bluegrass Community Hospital. Sharon Wright Versailles Register Editor, The Sun: With the sad reality that global terrorism has become the priority issue, what is now the goal of our elected Democrats? They want to bow down to Socialists around the world who enrich themselves with the global warming scam. Here in Kentucky, there’s only so much we can do about the global stage, but we can move our state towards a more common sense approach. Recent elections indicated that Kentucky has soundly rejected the policies of a Democrat Party which is now run by hard-left Liberals and Progressives. These folks of course don’t reflect any of our values, nor are they interested in what we believe is important for Kentucky’s future. Over the past few years, Republican Party registration of new voters has eclipsed that of the Democrats by as much as 9-to-1. That number will only grow, and there’s an important date to remember. To be eligible to vote in the Republican primary and presidential caucus, you must be registered Republican with your county clerk by Dec. 31. Please take a moment to discuss this opportunity with your family. No doubt there will be many of you stopping by the clerk’s office soon, and your kids will thank you. Bill Marshall Midway

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