• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Hearing set for input on goals and objectives

A Planning Commission subcommittee agreed to schedule a hearing for people in the community to comment on the current Comprehensive Plan’s goals and objectives. The Tuesday morning decision followed Comp Plan committee Chair Rich Schein’s review of responses in a recent survey seeking public input on those goals and objectives. “Some people just may not do surveys,” said committee member Chad Wells, who voiced support for a hearing. “I would like a public hearing to supplement (the responses we received in) this (survey),” he added. Because of the real possibility that the Planning Commission’s regular agenda will be too lengthy for a hearing on Thursday, Feb. 11, at 6:30 p.m., the committee agreed to a backup hearing date on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 6:30 p.m. If any changes are made to the existing goals and objectives, a second public hearing would need to be held at a later date. However, of the 42 people who participated in the (online and paper) survey, Schien said 12 of them “explicitly said, ‘we like the goals and objectives.’” That response was made by people from many different constituencies, he added. Support for improving the community’s walking/biking paths and concerns about Woodford County not having affordable housing were issues raised by multiple people in their survey responses. Wells said he has also heard concerns about a lack of affordable housing. “You have some smaller starter homes and then you go to … $300,000 (homes),” he explained. “There’s not a big (selection) in between.” Schein said agricultural use came up “over and over again as important” in the survey. People with strong feelings about a proposed Northwest Versailles Mobility Corridor used the survey to voice their concerns about the bypass, he said. During his presentation, Schein also pointed out that many responses to the survey questions were not relevant to the goals and objectives, but relevant to other sections of the Comprehensive Plan or planning and zoning issues. Their comments demonstrate an interest in making changes to other sections of the Comp Plan, but not to the goals and objectives of the land-use plan, committee member Patty Perry said. “I think we’ve given the public an opportunity to comment on the goals and objectives. I think what we need to do moving forward is, maybe, work back here tweaking some of these issues (in later sections of the Comp Plan),” Perry explained. Citing the value of being transparent to the community, Schein and Perry agreed to support Wells and his request to have a public hearing on the Comp Plan’s goals and objectives. State law requires a review of the Comprehensive Plan every five years. The plan provides a guide for future land use in a community.

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