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Letters to the editor

Bullies Editor, The Sun: How do we stop bullying in our schools when Donald Trump espouses bullying? It seems like on an almost daily basis he calls someone a maniac, belittles their looks, is discriminatory or makes fun of their nationality and/or religion. Is this the right message we should be sending to our children? Is this the behavior we want them to emulate? And it comes from someone who could become our president. I shudder at the thought of what defense our teachers will have to keep civility in their classrooms. Judy Papania Gadbois Versailles Panel discussion Editor, The Sun: There are many things I love about living in Woodford County, and high on that list is the wonderful sense of community we share. On Saturday, Jan. 23, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., the Woodford Coalition will host a panel on “Strength in Numbers -Why Neighborhood Associations are Important for Community Vitality.” Neighborhood associations promote a sense of community and can work to improve quality of life for their neighborhoods and for all of Woodford County. This is a great opportunity for neighborhoods already having an association to learn how to strengthen them, and for those who do not to learn how to form one. The event is free and light refreshments will be served. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Dan Rosenberg Versailles Board appreciation Editor, The Sun: The world of K-12 education is continually changing. With the recent passage of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act and the potential for more change at the state level, school districts across the commonwealth will be tasked with implementing these new acts and initiatives. When changes from both directions filter down to the local level, they land squarely on local school boards, including our own Woodford County Board of Education. These school board members must carry out those changes through policy and budgeting, perhaps with a dose of innovation. They also must be prepared to communicate those changes to the members of the community they represent. School Board Recognition Month in January is a good time to recognize that the job of school board members Ambrose Wilson IV, Debby Edelen, Karen Brock, Margie Cleveland and Sherri Springate is far from static. Their work is impacted by change at all levels that must be balanced against their No. 1 priority: improving the academic achievement and the opportunities for the students of Woodford County, while also helping meet the needs of children with barriers to that improvement. To keep up with this ever-changing K-12 education climate, these school board members must spend hours in professional development and preparation of all kinds, from formal training to earn state-required credit hours to reviewing documents and reports prior to a school board meeting to studying education trends through news media reports. Please let these board members know that while events around them change, you appreciate their unwavering stand for the children of Woodford County. D. Scott Hawkins, Superintendent Woodford County Schools Close the deal Editor, The Sun: As we enjoyed our Christmas with above average temperatures, all the folks I came into contact with remarked how happy they were with the warm weather, particularly after the last two brutally cold winters. I then thought maybe this global warming nonsense might be true. Wouldn’t it be great to grow food later in the year and feed the hungry? But alas, like every other Liberal Democrat promise, it was short-lived. Kentucky turned a major corner with our last election. Gov. Matt Bevin was not shy about what he said he wanted to do, and we elected him with a substantial margin. That’s called a mandate. We have the opportunity to close the deal with the state house elections this coming November, and with a couple of special elections in the next month or so. There were several elected Democrats who realized that Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo’s direction of living in the past century is not Kentucky’s future, and changed parties. They know Republicans are leading the way to bring opportunity for all, not just the privileged elite Democrats in this state. Help Kentucky in 2016 and elect Republicans. Together we will join the real promise of the 21st century, and make Kentucky great. Bill Marshall Midway

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