• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Lexington Road zone change request reviewed

A plan to build a mixed-use development on 407 acres, located east of the Kroger Marketplace shopping center on Lexington Road, was presented to the county’s Technical Review Committee (TRC) on Tuesday morning. A preliminary development plan proposes 93.52 acres for single-family residential, 68.81 acres for high-density residential, 96.62 acres for highway business, 118.76 acres for light industrial and 28.96 acres for professional office. In addition to a zone-change request, property owner Edgewood Farm, LLC, (Martha Field Sweet, Hardin Field IV and Nancy Field Hartley, members), has asked the Planning Commission to have a public hearing in order to amend the Comprehensive Plan so all of its property at 1450 Lexington Road will be inside the Versailles urban services boundary. The Versailles City Council passed an ordinance in August 2015 stating its intent to annex 336 acres at 1450 Lexington Road, while also directing the Planning Commission to have a public hearing in order to amend the Comprehensive Plan, which would allow the property annexation to proceed. The western-most edge of the Lexington Road property (adjacent to Crossfield Drive) is already inside the Versailles urban services boundary and city limits. In her review of the development plan, Planning Director Pattie Wilson noted that proposed cul-de-sacs are not allowed according to the county’s subdivision regulations. She said the cul-de-sacs must be eliminated to provide connectivity within the development, or a waiver must be requested. Mitzi Delius, utilities manager for the City of Versailles, told representatives of the developer that she would like to know when various phases of this project are going to happen so the city has a handle on this development’s needs moving forward. “If you just submit how this is going to be phased out and kind of rough timeframe then we’ll know best which direction we need to send the sanitary sewer,” explained Delius. County Engineer Buan Smith said his biggest concern relates to how storm water runoff from this proposed development would impact areas downstream, including Big Sink Pike. “Even without anything constructed there (at 1450 Lexington Road) in the past there have been incidents where water has gotten up over the road,” said Smith. “Because there is such a long underground cavern that carries the water away, in some cases it takes weeks to drain. “I know you can hold back how fast the water gets there. But it’s the volume part of it all that really is more concerning…” He suggested engineers for the developer consider those issues in a storm water management plan, which has not been completed or submitted. A representative for the property owner told members of TRC that he hopes to have the development plan ready for the regular February meeting of the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on the second-floor of the Woodford County Courthouse on Thursday, Feb. 11. “We feel like we’re on track to resubmit this next week,” said project landscape architect John Carman. “…And hopefully be on track for the February planning commission meeting.” Construction plans The construction plans for an auto parts manufacturing facility at Midway Station and a warehouse building at 101 Kuhlman Drive (Ruggles Sign Company’s property) were reviewed at Tuesday morning’s TRC meeting. Letters of approval must be received by an engineer for the City of Midway and Smith before a grading permit can be issued so American Howa Kentucky, Inc., can proceed with construction of its 100,000 square-foot manufacturing facility at 289 McKinney Avenue. Letters of approval must be received by the City of Versailles public works and Smith before a grading permit can be issued and construction can begin at 101 Kuhlman Drive on the 15,000 square-foot warehouse, which will be leased to Motion Industries. Bellview Avenue A subdivision plat that will create lots at 121 Bellview Avenue and 115 Bellview Avenue/1165 Crossfield Drive was forwarded to the Planning Commission. The property, now owned by Branch Creek, LLC, (Allison Breitenstein), was formerly occupied by Olson Bottled Gas Company. Because the proposed lots are located on property in a flood-prone area, project engineer Tim Thompson said the property owner would like to talk with the City of Versailles about using adjacent vacant land as a flood control area – much like a public park on Douglas Avenue has been used to alleviate flood concerns in that area of the city. Because of his concerns related to the proposed lots being located in a flood-prone area, Smith said he will revisit the issue when the owner of the property moves forward with possible plans to construct a small office building on the site. Habitat homes A preliminary/final plat allowing Woodford Habitat for Humanity to construct townhouses at 208 and 210 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard was forwarded to the Planning Commission for approval. A variance from the Board of Adjustment will also be needed prior to construction. In-family plat An in-family conveyance and subdivision plat, which will create lots at 3624, 3628 and 3630 Shannon Run Road, was forwarded to the Planning Commission’s chair for approval. The property was formerly occupied by Garrett’s Orchard.

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