• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Here's Johnny - Snow (and more snow)

Dear Readers of this column know I’m not a big fan of snow, partly because the big car I own is of the rear wheel drive variety, and even traction control isn’t enough sometimes. Let me rephrase that: Snow’s just fine – it’s driving on it that I don’t like. And trust me: like Rainman, whose father let him drive slowly in the driveway, I’m an excellent driver. I’ve never had a speeding ticket, I use my turn signals, and I don’t text and drive. Like many of you, perhaps, I thought about driving to work Friday morning, though I knew I might have to turn around mid-journey. Fortunately, Sun editor Stephen Peterson is a kind soul, and told me not to bother. (Maybe he just didn’t want to hear me kvetch about getting home later – or take me himself.) I hope all of you survived Snowmageddon ’16 with your bones and fenders intact. Good Snowmaritans On page 1, you’ll find a story about a few of the people who spent late last week helping others for nothing more than a “thank you.” I got the idea after perusing Facebook’s “Voices of Versailles” page Friday from my safe, warm home. I posted a suggestion that folks who’d been assisted by “Good Snowmaritans” (patent pending) contact me for a story. Many did, and there wasn’t room or time to include all of them in the story. So here’s another, sent via email from Sharron Lake, who lives in Lane’s View subdivision off Midway Road. “I’m in my late 60s and my 90-year-old mother lives with me. My neighbor, John Hyde, shoveled me out three times. He shoveled the first little snow we had and then shoveled twice during the big snow. This, along with the good work that the county road crew has done, has made it possible for me to get out if I needed to because of a need of mine or my mother’s. Thankfully, we were okay and didn’t need to get out of the house. He even found the newspaper on Saturday and brought it up to the front porch. It’s wonderful to have good neighbors.” It’s also wonderful when folks do such things to help me do my job. Like the Good Snowmaritans, they won’t get a penny for their efforts (well, maybe a penny, if they’ll drop by our office at 184 S. Main Street). Thank you, Dear Readers. As for me, I helped a little old(er) lady using a cane get from The Sun to her car Tuesday morning. There was still a bit of slush on the side of the curb, you see. Ma’am, I didn’t get your name, so let me just thank you for allowing me to lend an arm. Big Blue thoughts The so-called Big Blue Nation spent the last few weeks in an uproar after seeing Coach Cal’s Wildcats lose a few games. Big freshman Skal Labissiere has been a disappointment and big senior Alex Poythress has been inconsistent. But, as Cal says every year, it’s a young team. Impressive wins against Arkansas and Vanderbilt, and the improved play of a Bullitt County lad by the name of Derek Willis, have Big Blue fans setting aside their razors. For now. It’s Cal’s fault, of course. He’s spoiled us. Four Final Fours in six years will do that to a fan base. Here’s an unsolicited suggestion from someone who’s followed the Cats since Adolph Rupp’s last year: Take a chill pill, folks. Cal’s “young teams” almost always get better as March approaches, and you know what? If they don’t, and their post-season life is a short one, life will go on for the rest of us. I’m less worried about Cal’s Cats going all the way than I am the rest of us getting where we need to go during the next installment of Snowmageddon ’16. That said, go Big Blue!

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