• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Energy level goes ‘through roof’ with regular exercise

Getting a workout at the Falling Springs Arts and Recreation Center has become a part of Paul Wright’s daily routine. And he’s not alone. “There are so many good people here that come to exercise from all ages,” says Wright, while burning calories on an elliptical machine. “…the young, the old – we all work hard together.” He cites camaraderie as a catalyst for many who become regulars at the Falling Springs Center. Now in his third year coming here, Wright says most people don’t realize how much they can do until they take an exercise class. His classes and regular workouts at Falling Springs have given him self-confidence too. “When I first started, I could barely make it through a spinning class,” says Wright, 64. “Now, I do spinning (classes) four to five days a week. “On top of that, I do probably four fitness classes a week,” he says. “And I do two core classes a week. Plus, I throw in a few (days) training. On a recent Thursday morning when classes were canceled because of inclement winter weather, Wright did a spinning class “on my own” before burning calories on an elliptical machine. “Now, I can’t live without it,” says Wright of regular exercise. “…The energy-level – gosh I’ve got to say it’s through the roof. I’ve got more energy now than a lot of people in their 40s.” Wright, who started coming to Falling Springs because he wanted to be around other people socially following his retirement, credits his one-and-a-half-hour workout routines (five or six days a week) for improving his health and lowering his resting heart rate to 55 beats per minute. “I just feel so much better,” he says. Taffie, his wife of 43 years, now joins him on most days and she “absolutely loves it too,” Wright says. (For more stories about older Woodford Countians who are using the exercise facilities and classes at Falling Spring Arts and Recreation Center to stay in shape read the Health Focus supplement in this week’s issue of The Woodford Sun.)

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