• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Logan’s bench: A special place for Simmons’ students

A BENCH IN MEMORY of Logan Tipton has become a special place where students read in the library at Simmons Elementary School. Librarian Mindy Logan, pictured, has helped sort thousands of plastic caps donated to a fundraiser for a planned outdoor memorial to remember 6-year-old Logan Tipton, who was killed in his family’s home last December. (Photo by Bob Vlach)

A memory bench in Simmons Elementary School’s library has given students a special place where they can “remember their pal, Logan,” said Principal Larry Caudill. Caudill has been in the library on several occasions when he’s witnessed students – particularly Logan Tipton’s kindergarten classmates – sitting on the bench because it’s “become a special place for them to go and read,” he said. The woodworker who made the memory bench wants to remain anonymous. He and his wife delivered the wood bench to Simmons Elementary on Jan. 6. “He labored for weeks … and I recall at one point his wife telling me he had been out there (in his workshop) until 4 a.m. (one day) working on this piece,” said Caudill. “So he poured himself into this, and that type of giving is what’s wonderful about the community … Everyone seemed to want to do their little part” to help Logan’s family through the healing process of his tragic death on Dec. 7. The anonymous woodworker has “given us a lasting memory (of Logan) that will forever remain in our library,” added Caudill. “That’s just pretty special.” Meanwhile, Simmons Elementary has already collected and sorted “thousands and thousands of pounds” of plastic caps, which were donated for a planned outdoor memorial. In addition to memorial benches and a tree, an outpouring of continued support from the community and across the state means an outdoor classroom will likely honor Logan’s memory as well. “We have a few hundred pounds (of donated plastic caps) that come in every day,” said Caudill. “…So the generosity hasn’t stopped. And it really hasn’t slowed down either. Folks continue to give.” A ceremony dedicating the outdoor memorial is being planned for the spring.

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