• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

WCHS A-team wins 41st District for 9th straight year

THE BRAIN JACKETS, the academic team at Woodford County High School, earned top honors at the District 41 Governor’s Cup. From left are Wesley Forte, Connor Akers, Seth Allen, Jonathan Grate, Logan Curtis, Luke Allen, Ryan Mink, Branham Chandler, Jacqui Kowalke, Caylee Marshall, Caleb Chapman, Sarah Murner, Coach Kyle Fannin, Hannah Edelen, Sarah Potts, Coach Ken Tonks and Coach April York. (Photo submitted)

Woodford County High School’s academic team won its ninth straight Kentucky Governor’s Cup 41st District title on Saturday, Jan. 30, at WCHS. In addition to winning the quick-recall team competition, three WCHS students finished in first place in five different subject areas of written assessment. Seth Allen was first in social studies as well as arts and humanities. Hannah Edelen won top honors in language arts and composition, and Ryan Mink was first in math. Others earning points with top-five finishes in written assessment were Luke Allen (second place in social studies and arts and humanities), Jacqui Kowalke (tied second in science), Sarah Potts (second in language arts and composition), Caleb Chapman (third in math), Branham Chandler (fourth in social studies), Wesley Forte (fifth in language arts), Logan Curtis (fifth in science) and Sarah Murner (fifth in arts and humanities). “Other than science we’re extremely strong in every subject,” said Branham, a senior. “So it’s never really surprising when we’re the top two or three (placers) in every subject.” Hannah and Sarah continued a tradition of WCHS finishing first and second in language arts and composition. Hannah credits former teammate and WCHS graduate Rachel Farmer for helping her get stronger in those subjects a year ago. “She helped me a lot in terms of giving me study materials,” said Hannah, a senior. The WCHS quick-recall team earned eight points for its first-place finish. Hannah, Ryan, Luke and Seth started, but eight others competed in quick-recall. The win was highlighted by a 59 to 3 score in an opening round match – relying on the individual strengths of teammates. When asked to explain how he’s able to solve a math problem, Ryan said, “It just makes sense.” He typically figures out a problem by writing down the numbers and then figuring out a solution in his mind. “It freaks me out,” said Branham of Ryan’s problem-solving method. “I get startled when he buzzes in really, really fast on math questions. But he usually gets it.” The future problem-solving team at WCHS earned three more points with its third-place finish. Overall, the Brain Jackets scored 63.5 points to defeat Western Hills (33 points), Mercer County (19.5 points) and Anderson County (8 points) in District 41. Coach Kyle Fannin said his team’s depth of knowledge got them well prepared for district Governor’s Cup. “It’s not by anything we practice here,” he explained, “it’s by going and playing some of the best teams in the country” in out-of-state tournaments. After its next tournament, WCHS will compete in Region 11 of Governor’s Cup.

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