• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Woodford schools use second NTI day

Students were not in Woodford County Public Schools on Tuesday because of winter weather, but they will not need to make up the snow day. Students instead did schoolwork at home during the district’s second nontraditional instruction (NTI) day of the school year. Based on the “very positive feedback” he’d received from principals, teachers and parents after using its first NTI day in January, schools Superintendent Scott Hawkins said, “We were very comfortable in utilizing another NTI day today.” School teachers and administrators were already informed that the district planned to use another NTI day on its next snow day, Hawkins said. “So I think our folks were prepared,” he added. “And again, (the NTI days) just gives us another option to consider as we’re trying to make that decision (on whether or not to cancel school) in the morning.” Hawkins said he considered delaying the start of school on Tuesday morning, but instead went with an NTI day because of two factors: more snow showers being predicted later in the day and snow-covered roads in areas of the county. “Some roads were in good shape,” Hawkins said, “but then there were some that were still just completely covered (with snow early Tuesdaymorning). And even though it wasn’t a huge amount of snow, we’ve always tried to make a decision based on the safety of our students and staff and parents.” Woodford County schools and 43 other public school districts received state approval to use up to 10 NTI days this school year. Hawkins said he would feel comfortable using four to six nontraditional instruction days in year one, but he would try to avoid using NTI days on consecutive days. By using two NTI days and two makeup days on Feb. 15 and March 7, the final day of school for students has not changed. So May 24 will remain the last day of school unless more snow days – not covered by an NTI day – force the district to use additional makeup days.

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