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Letter to the Editor

More sports Editor, The Sun: I enjoy every issue of the local paper, but it seems the same sports are covered every issue with little or no acknowledgment of the many other teams from the elementary through high schools. There is much to be said for basketball, wrestling, softball, and the occasional notice of soccer in your sports pages. But are you aware Woodford County has a swim team, a dance team, an archery team, a golf team, a debate team, and more? These teams too have achieved wins, awards, and performed community services. Currently, auditions are being held for a drama with no coverage of the heart that goes into this endeavor. I am not taking anything away from nor want less coverage for the sports that have a permanent column in The Woodford Sun. However, what exactly are we saying to those other teams and their importance to their schools, their sports, and their community. Maybe The Woodford Sun can devote one full page to all the sports in our local schools. There will be plenty to fill a whole page: pictures, schedules, team rosters, tryouts, auditions, thus allowing all the athletes their 15 minutes of fame. I have found many parents who aren't even aware there is an archery team. This leads one to wonder how many students are athletes waiting to discover their talents. A listing of sports teams available would open avenues to students who may not be physically athletic, are more intellectual, would do well at tennis or golf, for example, making them aware there is a place for them to be a part of a team. A page like this might open some doors for the next Einstein (debate team), Michael Phelps (swim team), Brady Elison, silver in the Olympics (archery), just to mention a few. Robin Soard Versailles

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