• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Vandegrift reports on park improvements

MIDWAY - Several of the 24 minutes in Monday's city council meeting were spent on Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift's update on a citizens' advisory committee's (CAC) work on Walter Bradley Jr. Park. Vandegrift formed the CAC last fall, and the group has met monthly to discuss ways to improve the city park - and several members have done much more than attend meetings. "They've already kind of gotten a volunteer group together that's been going out and making improvements to the trails. They've been removing honeysuckle . (and) it looks much better than it did when they started. They've even kind of created some new paths and new trails, and they're finding better and better ways to tie them all together," Vandegrift said. Vandegrift said volunteers have gotten free mulch from area arborist Dave Leonard and spread it along the trails to make them less muddy during and after wet weather. The group has also raised $2,500 for other improvements to the park, which will be put in a restricted fund controlled by the council. "It essentially, almost, makes the city feel like we have extra staff. We're not paying them, but they're helping to improve our city, and they're doing it out of love," Vandegrift said. A public forum on the park will be held Monday, March 21, at 6:30, just after that evening's city council meeting. In the meantime, people who'd like to find out more or volunteer can email the CAC at walterbradleypark@gmail.com. The group also has a Facebook page. Vandegrift also gave an update on another CAC formed last year to help come up with a plan to seek state and federal grants. "What I've told them so far - the same thing I've told you all - is that their main focus needs to be on infrastructure, namely roads and sidewalks ." Vandegrift said. Woodford Habitat The council unanimously approved a motion to give $16,384.01 in "recaptured" community development block grant funds to the Woodford Habitat for Humanity. The money was left over from grants from the 1990s, and will be used to help pay bills to 84 Lumber and Jeff Semones Plumbing. Sewer talk Near the end of the meeting, council members discussed the city's sewer issues. Council member Steven Craig said Midway residents are upset over paying for two sewer plants (the old plant will be paid off in 2018 and is presently being used for an aquaculture project). Vandegrift said when both plants are paid off, the city could cut sewer rates by half. Council member Dan Roller noted that the city's storm sewers were in awful shape, to which Vandegrift replied that the city needed to reinvest some of the savings in such infrastructure improvements. Event permit The council unanimously approved issuing an event permit to the annual 5 and 10K Race for Education, which will take place April 16. Council member Kaye Nita Gallagher said the race should bring between 200 and 300 runners to Midway. Surplus The council unanimously approved a resolution to declare as surplus a 1982 fire truck and 1984 van, both of which have been replaced and neither of which is being used.

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