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Board members earn professional development certification

Going beyond what is required by Kentucky law, two members of the Woodford County Board of Education have earned advanced certification for professional development focused on improving the district's schools. Karen Brock has achieved Level One Certification in the Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA) Academy of Studies. Sherri Springate has achieved Level Two Certification in the Kentucky School Boards Association Academy of Studies. The Academy of Studies is designed to work within Kentucky statutes that mandate more hours in a board member's early years of service, then fewer hours the longer he or she serves. Courses in the lower Academy of Studies levels include the basics on the board's role, school finance, superintendent evaluations and facilities planning. As a board member advances in the certification process, the courses become less general and more specific to issues such as evaluating the board's own effectiveness, doing advanced budget planning, becoming better advocates for children and grasping their board's responsibilities in school and student assessment and accountability. "Reaching each level within the academy takes time and commitment. It takes real effort," said KSBA President Allen Kennedy, a 10-year member of the Hancock County Board of Education. "As a group, school board members who make it to a new level of accreditation in the Academy of Studies haven't just put in more time; they've made a pledge to the students, their fellow board members, and their communities to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to live up to the high expectations of their position. They want to excel," Kennedy said. "No law requires this kind of effort. This comes from a desire to be a local leader who goes above and beyond for their children and their communities." Established in 1936, KSBA is Kentucky's largest voluntary association of local elected officials.

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