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Trump captures Kentucky, Woodford in caucus

Donald Trump continued his dominance of the Republican Party presidential field by winning the Kentucky GOP Presidential Preference caucus, which was held Saturday, March 5, beating his nearest rival, Ted Cruz, by a four percent margin in the statewide voting with all precincts reporting. Statewide, Trump collected 82,493 votes (36 percent) to Cruz's 72,503 (32 percent). Trailing the field were Marco Rubio with 37,579 votes (16 percent), John Kasich with 33,134 (14 percent), Ben Carson with 1,951 (1 percent), Rand Paul with 872 (0 percent), uncommitted, 496 (0 percent), Jeb Bush, 305 (0 percent), Mike Huckabee, 174 (0 percent), Chris Christie, 65 (0 percent), Carly Fiorina, 64 (0 percent), and Rick Santorum, 31 (0 percent). In Woodford County, Trump's lead was narrower - less than two percent. Trump received 562 votes or 29.99 percent of the votes, followed by Cruz with 527 (28.12 percent), John Kasich with 384 (20.49 percent), Marco Rubio with 366 (19.53 percent), Ben Carson with 21 (1.12 percent), Rand Paul with 5 (0.27 percent), uncommitted with 5 (0.27 percent), Jeb Bush with 2 (0.11 percent), Carly Fiorina with 1 (0.05 percent), and Rick Santorum with 1 (0.05 percent), followed by Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee, who received no votes in Woodford County. According to information released by the Republican Party of Kentucky: . 229,667 Republicans voted in the Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus. . Total statewide turnout in the caucus was 18 percent, easily exceeding the 15.7 percent of voters who cast ballots in the 2012 presidential primary. . 100 counties saw an increase in the number of voters who participated in the caucus compared to the 2012 presidential primary, with 42 counties increasing over 100 percent. . Statewide, 30.4 percent more voters voted in the 2016 caucus than the 2012 presidential primary. . More than 3,000 dedicated Republicans across the state served as volunteer caucus chairs and caucus officials. . 53,507 more Republicans voted in the caucus than the 176,160 who voted in the 2012 presidential primary; 31,874 more Republicans voted in the caucus than the 197,793 who voted in the 2008 presidential primary. "Participation in the Republican caucus has been remarkable. It is exciting to see Kentuckians so engaged, and it is great that so many voters used this opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the presidential race," said Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Mac Brown. "Today's success was also possible because of the preparation and hard work of the Republican volunteers at the local level."

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