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Letters to the editor

Great 'Girls' Editor, The Sun: What I wanted was a relaxed, fun night out and a few laughs with a good friend. What we got was a relaxed, very fun night out with lots of great laughs and the bonus of it being at a local venue. Seeing "Calendar Girls," the current production at Woodford County's own, state-of-the-art theater at the Falling Springs Arts and Recreation Center, was a winner on all levels. The play, directed by the well-known and respected Patti Heying, is about the real life efforts of a group of middle-aged or older women in rural England to raise money for a new and more comfortable settee in the oncology waiting room of the local hospital by selling a calendar of them appearing in suggestive but not entirely nude (not "naked") poses. In the end, the Calendar Girls and the hospital got much more than they hoped or even bargained for. There were familiar faces among the cast for regular Lexington area and Woodford Theatre goers. I have to hand it to all of the women who offered their skills, talents, experience and enthusiasm and a bit of exposure to this effort. Although there is no full nudity and it is tastefully done, it takes a bit of courage to bare more than one's soul to an anonymous audience of up to 300 people over nine performances and maintain an English accent as well. Each actress was very convincing as her character moved from a slight bit of horror at the whole idea, through a grudging commitment to support the grieving widow among them, to an ability to see the fun in it, to all-out excitement at their new very, very public image. The plot also reveals the strains that such a commitment brought to their friendships and their relationships in the community as well as big, sometimes painful but always improved transformations in each woman along the way. The cast of six women who chose to pose for the calendar, two women who play other members of the community and who face challenges of their own, and the three men who support the women in their efforts were are believable and loveable. The set and technical support were right on! Take time to read the list of the production team and marvel at what talent on stage and off it takes to pull off every production. Kudos to all. There is just one weekend left to see it. Go. And while you are at it, consider purchasing Woodford Theatre's own Women of Woodford Calendar Girls calendar in the lobby or at local businesses. Deborah Knittel Versailles Pick it up Editor, The Sun: Being a fairly new resident of Versailles and Woodford County, I am very impressed with the bucolic atmosphere, the friendly populace, the idyllic neighborhoods, and the coverage of the schools' activities by your newspaper. However, I am rather confused as to exactly which governing body or bodies have officially designated Huntertown Road as the most convenient dumping ground for the area's litter. Are there no civic/service organizations and/or youth groups available and willing to "adopt" a small stretch of the road as a keep-clean project on a year-around basis? Bob Keifer Versailles What's this? Editor, The Sun: This election season's presidential debates have reminded me of the old saw about blind men - and one woman, in this case - asked to describe an elephant. I hope most of your readers haven't already lost their sense of humor. Republicans: Ted C.: Well, this must be a leg because, whatever it is, it's standing on my foot and it's way too big . Marco R.: Whatever this is, I know it's real mad and fed up because it's old hide is rough as sandpaper and it just keeps trumpeting the same tune over and over . John K.: I grabbed at a part of this old animal that swished my face - ah, got it now, what's this, an awfully long finger holding a peanut; well, maybe if we can share the work of finding these together, we'll both survive awhile longer . Donald T.: Where's my gun? This critter sure has bad B.O. and is so old and useless it would be best just to shoot it and start over, especially since it's obviously deaf and can't defend itself anyway . Democrats: Bernie S.: Poor thing! This part I'm holding is so small and stringy. Whatever it is, it's obviously undernourished and needs more food to restore it to full health . Hillary C.: Golly gee, I just felt all around this beast, since these others can't see the tree for the forest - or is it the forest for the tree? Whatever. This critter just needs to retrace its path, find its elders with more experience with the world, and all will be well . Where is Henry Clay when you need him? Vinson Straub St. Marys, Ga. (formerly of Versailles)

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