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Council does away with primary

DEE DEE ROACH told the council about Midway Renaissance's plans for the first Midway History Day, which will be April 2 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Midway Christian Church. (Photo by John McGary)

The Midway City Council Monday unanimously approved an ordinance repealing city primary elections, which haven't been held in Midway for at least 60 years. The practical effect of the measure is to push back the January registration deadline for candidates to August. The city of Versailles passed a similar ordinance several years ago for its non-partisan races. Council member Libby Warfield asked City Attorney Phil Moloney if there were limits on the number of candidates who could be on the November ballot. Moloney said there were none. Council member Sara Hicks said there might be 50, to which council member Dan Roller said, "We haven't in the last 60 years, but we might." Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said he supported the ordinance. "I just think you're going to get a better pool of candidates - obviously, we get lucky here, okay - but a lot of cities won't get that lucky, I mean that. You'll get a better pool of candidates ." When Vandegrift paused, Warfield joked, "What are you trying to say?" to laughter from the council. "I'm saying that in two out of the last three elections, there's not been an election," Vandegrift said, noting that only six candidates had filed for the six council seats. "That's wrong in a democracy. I think it will give more people the opportunity to sign up ." Council member Kaye Nita Gallagher said she'd been approached by people after the January registration deadline asking when they should sign up. Vandegrift noted that with council seats paying $25 per meeting, people interested in running for the office obviously weren't in it for the money. Midway History Day Dee Dee Roach of the Midway Renaissance group, briefed the council on plans for the a "Midway History Day," which will take place April 2 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Midway Christian Church. Roach encouraged council members and citizens to bring photos, scrapbooks and other historic items to the event. "We want to hold on to this history before we lose some of our older members and don't have their expertise anymore," Roach said. Roach said a scanner there will allow people to make copies of their documents and take their originals home. Roach said Midway Renaissance hopes to make Midway History Day an annual event. Vandegrift said there was a case in Midway City Hall for people to drop off such items, and that another may be added. Horsey 100 The council unanimously approved an event permit for the May 28 and 29 Horsey Hundred, which will see up to 2,500 cyclists roll through Midway. The race begins in Georgetown, goes through Frankfort, Versailles and Midway before returning to Georgetown. Council member Kaye Nita Gallagher noted that the cyclists come from much of the U.S. and even Europe. Walter Bradley Park After the council meeting, members of the citizens' advisory committee charged with improving the city's Walter G. Bradley Jr. Memorial Park met for a brainstorming session. John Holloway said suggestions included: . Better utilizing open space there and expanding the length of the walking paths to Midway University; . Setting up a train car as a background for a stage near the planned pavilion; . Adding displays about historic events in Midway; . Using the open quarry space for a movie night; . Preserving nature by not adding too much infrastructure; . Planting burr oak trees, which will be available through the agriculture Extension office April 21; . "Rediscovering" the spring near the city dog park and adding a display about its history; . Adding a stepping stone or stairway leading to the Winter Street bridge on the creek; . Collaborating with Midway University and Bluegrass Tomorrow's trail town effort; . Adding an entry to the park with a gate behind the library; . Better recognizing Walter Bradley, Jr., for whom the park is named; . Stocking the creek with fish; . Adding a trail leading to the proposed R.J. Corman train at the top of the hill near Northside Elementary; . Making maps showing the trails and park; . Adding butterfly gardens in the open areas. Any proposals would have to be signed off on by the Versailles City Council.

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