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10 Years Ago March 30, 2006 Woodford County High School sophomore Meghan Mulvaney was named vice president of membership for the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) chapters in Kentucky. She became the first-ever WCHS student named a state FCCLA officer during the organization's annual meeting March 14-17. Woodford County was recently ranked 10th in the nation in the "Top Ten Safe Places" list compiled by Family Security Matters, which is a non-profit organization formed by women to help them protect their families, community and country. For the second straight year, Woodford County Attorney Alan George was a featured speaker at the 2006 Kentucky's Victim Assistance Conference, held last week at the Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington. George, along with Assistant Attorney General Perry Ryan, formerly of Versailles, presented on the topic of "DUI for Dummies," a primer on Kentucky's driving under the influence laws. Charles E. "Chuck" Fouser, 63, of Versailles, Central Kentucky businessman and environmentalist, president of Fouser Environmental Services in Versailles, husband of Nancy M. Fouser, died Friday, March 24, 2006, at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. It's a new season for the Woodford County Middle School girls' soccer team, one that Head Coach Bug Brown and her players hope will end up with their team "making it back to the 'Ship," as her team likes to refer to the Bluegrass Middle School Conference championship game. While the year got off to a bit of a bumpy start thanks to a 2-1 loss to West Jessamine, the team has rebounded nicely and seems positioned for another deep post-season run. 25 Years Ago March 28, 1991 The community paused at 2 p.m. last Thursday to honor service personnel involved in Operation Desert Storm. The National Anthem sounded throughout the downtown area in celebration of National Patriots Day. Sweet Sixteen Academic Showcase winners from Woodford County High School were Rebecca Reynolds, first in the region for feature writing, and Susannah Vance, second in the state in essay writing. Members of the Woodford BPW Club attending a state meeting in Ashland were Mary Owens, Betty Dozier, Phyllis Mattingly, Brenda Richards, Jessie Franklin, Jennifer Klee, Joy Barr, Lou Ann Ramos, and Cecil Fister. Marine Staff Sgt. Charles B. Spencer, formerly of Midway, has reported for duty at the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Va. WCHS student John Lodmell was the state champion in the American Legion Oratorical Contest held recently. Mark Prigge of WCHS was the winner of the annual WCHS/Kuhlman Electric bridge building contest. Seniors leading the WCHS baseball team this spring are Anthony Johnson, Darin Wilson, Johnny Todd, Josh Crain, Jason Thompson, David Richardson, and Greg Richardson. Darin Wilson and Andrea Brown were most valuable players for the WCHS boys' and girls' basketball teams, respectively. 40 Years Ago March 25, 1976 George H. Shellenberger, for 32 years a member of The Woodford Sun staff, died suddenly last Thursday night. He was 66. Versailles Boy Scouts are celebrating the 50th year of scouting here. Among members of the first troop chartered here were Eugene Barnes, Charles Blackburn, William Bridgforth, Dwight Elliston, William Hunter Fishback, Railey Fishback, James Hackney, Stephen Harris, Leon Hoover, Beveridge Lynch, Howard Mastin, Raymond Mucci, William R. Newby, Alfred Rabe, John J. Robb, Milton Rush, Harry Schoberth Jr., Stewart White, Julian Witt, and James Olson. Cubs were William Fishback, James B. Floyd, and Frank Hawkins Jr. The Rev. W.S. Blackshear was the first scoutmaster. The troop was sponsored by the American Legion, whose scout committee consisted of Paul L. Garrett, Gentry McCauley, J.M. McCreight, Dr. P.M. Alexander, and Fredrick J. Jackson. Miss Evelyn Jenness Clarke of Midway has released her second book of poems, "Now Let Me Sing." Woodford County High School students who are planning a summer trip to France are Larry Williams, Marc Williams, Pam Menges, Jennifer Johnson, Debbie Walter, Melanie Dunn, and Beth Pittman. Woodford Memorial Hospital has expanded its x-ray services, incorporating new equipment that is the most modern available to hospitals. Also, an in-house laundry system has been added.

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