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WCHS tennis teams open 2016 seasons with wins

The Woodford County High School girls’ and boys’ tennis teams opened their 2016 seasons recently with three matches, and the girls’ team got one win, which came over Franklin County, while the boys’ team scored two wins, the first over Franklin County and the second over Lexington Christian Academy. Here is how the season unfolded for the Racket Jackets. Girls’ team The WCHS girls’ team opened its season on Wednesday, March 16, with a 4-3 home win at Falling Springs over Franklin County. At the No. 1 singles spot, Addison Beck lost to Barker, 8-1, while at No. 2 Reagan Jobe defeated Marella, 8-1, and at No. 3 Sophie Wingo lost to Sairajev, 8-2. So, the match against the Lady Flyers came down to the doubles competition where Woodford scored three wins. At No. 1 doubles, Alyssa Feldner and Nicole Feldner defeated Rajendran and Balaji, 8-5, while at No. 2 Haley Davis and Ellington King lost to Stevenson and Wilkerson, 9-7. Then at No. 3 Allison Miller and Caroline Miller defeated Duncan and Holder, 8-0, and Hinzee Smith and Hannah Brady defeated Maratha and Dhavanprageda, 8-0, to seal the victory for Woodford. In the Racket Jackets’ next match on Tuesday, March 22, at Lexington Christian Academy, Woodford was shut out 6-0. At No. 1 singles, Beck lost to Lauren Waddles, 6-0, 6-1, and at No. 2 Jobe fell to Ali Sither, 6-2, 6-1. In the doubles competition, at No. 1 Feldner and Feldner lost to Caroline Lancaster and Jessica Hill 6-2, 6-0, while at No. 2 Davis and King lost to Callie Pettigrew and London Olive 6-2, 6-2. Then at No. 3, Miller and Miller lost to Audrey Grace Hacker and Stevi Howard, 6-3, 6-2, and in the most competitive match of the day, at No. 4, Sophie Wingo and Kassie Cook lost to Smith and Jones, 6-3, 5-6, 10-7. Woodford closed out its opening matches on Wednesday, March 23, against Lexington Catholic at Shillito Park in Lexington with another tough loss, 9-0. At No. 1 singles, Beck fell to Quammer, 8-1, while at No. 2 Jobe lost to Miller, 8-0. Then at No. 3 Alyssa Feldner lost to Mair, 8-0; at No. 4 Nicole Feldner lost to Farrell, 8-1; at No. 5 Davis lost to Irwin, 8-1; and at No. 6 King lost to Cole, 8-1. In the doubles competition, at No. 1 Jobe and Beck lost to Miller and Farrell, 8-3, while at No. 2 Feldner and Feldner lost to Mair and Irwin 8-0, and at No. 3Wingo and Cook lost to McMillian and Spanier 9-8 (12-10). Boys’ team The boys’ team played against the same teams that the girls faced to open their season. Things began at home at Falling Springs against Franklin County on Wednesday, March 16, with a 6-3 victory. To start, things did not look to good for Woodford in the singles competition on the day when, at No. 1, Joe Kowalke lost to Stefan Ignat, 8-4; at No. 2 Evan Bentley lost to Smith, 8-1; and at No. 3, Ben Ison fell to Lewis, 8-2. Things then picked up for Woodford in doubles, as they scored three straight wins when at No. 4, Ben Goode defeated Drake, 9-7; at No. 5, Will Luckett beat Conners, 9-8; and at No. 6, Zach Stiefel defeated Hockensmith, 8-0. The Racket Jackets then sealed their match with three straight wins in doubles. At No. 1, Luke Least and Mason McIntyre defeated Ignat and Smith, 9-8 (8-3); at No. 2, Wesley Smith and Max Wade defeated Lewis and Drake, 8-1; and at No. 3, Evan Spradlin and Evan Bentley defeated Connors and Hockensmith, 8-0, to get the team win. Woodford then followed that match up with a 4-3 win over Lexington Christian Academy on Tuesday, March 22. Once again, Woodford got off to a slow start when, at No. 1 singles, Least lost Adam Slone 6-4, 3-6, 10-3, while at No. 2, Bentley lost to Tanner Wilson, 6-1, 6-2. So, once again, the match came down to the doubles competition and Woodford got three straight wins. At No. 1, Smith and Wade defeated Ben Oliver and Carter Pettigrew, 6-3, 6-0; at No. 2, Spradlin and Kowalke defeated Dylan Wellman and Sam Tipton 1-6, 6-4, 10-8; and at No. 3, McIntyre and Goode defeated Conner Farley and Ben Gerken, 6-4, 6-1, to seal Woodford’s victory. The Racket Jackets closed out their opening matches with a tough 8-3 loss to Lexington Catholic on Wednesday, March 23, at Shillito Park in Lexington. At No. 1 singles, Least defeated M. Ko, 8-5, while at No. 2 Smith lost to Tyre, 8-3. Woodford then lost the next two matches when at No. 3, Wade lost to A. Ko, 8-1; and at No. 4, Bentley fell to Deaton, 8-1. Spradlin got Woodford’s next win at No. 5, when he defeated True, 8-6, but then Kowalke fell to Kaplan, 8-1, to finish the singles competition. In doubles, in the No. 1 slot, Least and Bentley lost to M. Ko and True, 8-3; Smith and Wade lost to A. Ko and Deaton, 8-3; and Spradlin and Kowalke lost to True and Kaplan, 8-5.

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