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I wonder how many people have seen the YouTube videos of the four-legged chicken that was hatched a few years back. One dates back to a chicken that was discovered in 2005 in India. Another was discovered in Jerusalem in 2011 and then there was the found in England in 2006. These are just a few examples of such occurrences. This should not be a big surprise, what with all the steroids and genetically modified feeds being fed to farm animals these days. After careful research, I discovered that Midway had its first four-legged chicken over a century ago, long before steroids and the free-range chicken was about all a person could find. It has been recorded (Bluegrass Clipper) that Midway's first four-legged chicken was hatched in May of 1912. The chicken was bred by Philip Weisenberger Sr., great-grandfather of former Midway Mayor Tom Bozarth. Weisenberger even contemplated trying to breed four-legged chickens, thinking of all the drumsticks he could produce to flood the marketplace. I couldn't dig up any more information about his breeding program, but fortunately as we Midwegians know he did turn his focus to help his dad, August Weisenberger Sr., founder of Weisenberger Mills, produce corn meal and flour. He also continued the linage that produced more Weisenbergers which included one more August, a Mac, and two more Phils. As I said, this chicken made its appearance over a hundred years ago. I bet Midway can lay claim to the first four-legged chicken born in Kentucky or maybe the whole United States. Midway, birthplace of the nation's first four-legged chicken. ... This is just a suggestion to all those who plan to eat in Midway's downtown restaurants this week and the next three weeks. I would suggest making your reservations now. With Keeneland cranking up this Friday, the town's eating facilities are going to be busy. ... As I continued to search through my piles of paper, notes, and other written pieces of information, I came upon another bit of information when I was researching names of famous or noted people that have made their way through Midway at one time or another. I remember on two different occasions when bands of gypsies would come into town and set up camp around the area of Parrish Hill Farm. I always thought they were a really interesting group of people with their horse-drawn wagons and colorful outfits. Then there were several occasions when a small circus would come into town. They set up on the public school grounds around what is now known as the William Clark Memorial Ball Field. All of this activity was something special in the small town of Midway. Now I discovered that if I had been born a little earlier, like around the first of July in 1912, I could have watched Wild Bill and his "Congress of Rough Riders." From the best I can determine, the show took place around the Walter Bradley Park area. The show was described as an exhibition of wild western life and the performers looked their parts and gave a realistic show. Upon further research the mentioned Wild Bill wasn't of the Wild Bill Cody fame, as he had retired from the show in 1906. The show was part of the original Wild Bill Cody show. Anyway I'm sure it went over big as a Midway event.

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