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Great response Editor, the Sun: On Saturday, April 9, we had the honor to observe an active shooter full-scale exercise conducted at Ruggles Sign Company. The harsh reality that incidents like this must be accounted for in training gives us concern. The fact that we have a dedicated group of men and women who proved they are able to respond quickly and effectively gives us hope. Public service at all levels involves some sort of sacrifice. However, as we all stood in an upstairs office used as an observation desk, it reinforced that there are certainly different degrees of public service. In this fictional scenario, a disgruntled former employee of the factory decides to show up and wreak havoc on his coworkers. Within moments of the various 911 calls from the scene, two Versailles police officers were in the building actively moving towards the gunman. Their courage and willingness to sacrifice their own safety to protect a group of people they have likely never met were inspiring. They cornered the gunman and were able to effectively end the threat. Within five minutes of the first 911 call, Woodford County Emergency Medical Services staff were entering the building along with a member of the Versailles Fire Department, accompanied by a Versailles Police officer or Woodford County sheriff's deputy. They quickly surveyed the carnage and identified the severity of all who had been injured - or worse. Outside of the factory, a makeshift command center was forming where police, EMS, fire and emergency management personnel helped triage the injured and get them on their way to the hospital. The "victims" were taken to Bluegrass Community Hospital, where an excellent team of trained health care professionals are ever-present and prepared to provide medical treatment to the ill and injured. The importance of having a community hospital was never more evident. This exercise provided an insight into the inner workings of our agencies that many of us had never witnessed before. It also confirmed why we are so proud of our first responders. In an incident like this, the Versailles police and sheriff's office, Woodford County EMS, Woodford County, Versailles and Midway fire departments, and Woodford County Emergency Management staff are willing and able to work together to manage in a crisis. They would be assisted by the Kentucky State Police and first responders from neighboring communities, all of whom are eager to lend a hand. We are proud to call these people friends and hope no one ever takes them for granted. When our community is at its worst, these first responders will be at their best. Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott Midway Mayor Grayson Vandegrift Woodford Judge-Executive John Coyle State Rep. James Kay More balanced Editor, The Sun: Every day, members of the Woodford County community, and especially students who attend schools within Woodford County, achieve extraordinary accomplishments. However, only a fraction of these accomplishments occur in athletic areas. The coverage received by athletes through The Woodford Sun is disproportionate compared to the amount of coverage received by those with non-athletic successes. For example, a recent state wrestling champion received front-page coverage that amounted to the equivalent of approximately half of a page. In stark contrast, an academic state champion received three sentences as part of team article that appeared on the third page of that week's issue, despite being interviewed by one of their reporters. A community publication such as The Woodford Sun does not solely exist to provide athletic coverage. There is an obligation to your readers to provide coverage of all events. I am issuing a call to action of all participants and supporters of non-athletic activities to hold The Woodford Sun to a higher standard, and demand proportionate coverage of non-athletic endeavors. Christina Humphries Versailles

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