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Midway library exhibit showcases art by teachers

FADING GLORY by Woodford County Middle School art teacher Sydney Walters and artwork by the school district's other art teachers are featured in an exhibit at the Midway Branch Library. "I'm an artist and I am a teacher," said Walters. (Photo submitted)

Six art teachers in Woodford County Public Schools are sharing their artistic talents in an exhibit at the Midway Branch Library. "It's a very eclectic show," said Midway Branch manager Stacy Thurman, who has a bachelor's degree in art. "It's all very different mediums. We have some paintings. We have some cross stitch. We have small bronze-cast figures . So it's a little bit of everything - some modern work, some classic work. It really varies." Thurman described the library's exhibit as an opportunity to showcase the talents of art teachers Sara Baird (Southside Elementary), Sara Brooks (Simmons Elementary), Anne Brooks (Northside Elementary), Katharine Marks (Woodford County High School), Cindy Sither (Huntertown Elementary) and Sydney Walters (Woodford County Middle School). "One of the most influencing - or maybe inspiring - things for my students is for them to see me as a practicing artist," said Walters. She wants her students to trust her - not just as their teacher, but as an artist. Walters described giving teachers an opportunity to share their art with the larger community as exciting. "And it was really nice to see the variety of artwork that we have within the art teachers of Woodford County as far as the styles that we individually work in," she explained. Her artwork remains a very personal way for her to express emotion - visually. In "Fading Glory," Walters creates a colored pencil and chalk pastel drawing that uses the symbolism of morning glory flowers and facing silhouettes of a younger girl and an older woman to illustrate feelings about how physical beauty changes and fades over time. "As I really grew in my passion for art," Walters said, "then I kind of realized this is something I can teach. "I do very much consider myself to be an artist. I'm an artist and I am a teacher." Midway Branch Library assistant Sherri Young, a retired school librarian, suggested having an exhibit showcasing the artwork of Woodford County's art teachers. The exhibit in the Midway Branch Library's community room continues until April 23, followed by a weeklong exhibit featuring the artwork of students at Northside Elementary School. "You can go to a museum and you're just going to see art," said Thurman. "(Or) you can come here (to our library) and you can check out a book and see art."

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