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Have some pride Editor, The Sun: Every year, my neighbors organize a roadside garbage pickup, to coincide with Keeneland's racing season. We take great pride in our scenic country road, and we enjoy sharing its beauty with all who drive or ride by. On Sunday, my husband and I cleaned our assigned section. It was a beautiful day to be out, but by the end of two hours of working on a 70-plus degree day, we were tired and ready to be finished. Unfortunately, I knew that we could expect to drive down that road after next weekend has passed, and much of the unsightly litter would be back. That is always disappointing, but at least the road looks pretty for a few days. But today! Today, I could not believe the nerve of some (insert expletive)! As we were nearing the homestretch, I came upon freshly discarded paper, cardboard, and Styrofoam, fast-food trash. The birds and squirrels hadn't even discovered the scattered French fries yet. It was obvious that the person who threw it out his or her window had just driven past us, backs bent as we added to our bulging bags of trash. Who does that? The last time I saw a guy lower his window and do a hook pass over the roof of his car just before he turned onto Kuhlman Boulevard, I considered engaging in a little road rage. I let it go. But today! Today, I'm really struggling with the "Hey you, in your face!" incident. Come on, people! Your trash can wait until you get home. Your car will get over the "disrespect" of having a bag of fries ride along for a few more minutes. Take a little pride in your county, for pity sake! Jennifer Romine Chandler Versailles

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