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In just a couple of days, Midway residents will be participating in a project called “Main Street Clean Sweep.” The only thing is that the event will really be taking place on Midway’s Railroad Street which is often referred to as Main Street – but that is another story for another time. Main Street Clean Sweep is a one-day, community-led litter clean up in participating cities and towns throughout Central Kentucky. Now in its third year, Main Street Clean Sweep will take place on Friday, April 22, (some sites have alternate dates). Community members will gather to pick up and dispose of litter in their communities. This event is widely attended, encourages community engagement, pride in place, and beautifies the downtown area, which boosts support for local businesses. Clean-ups will be held rain or shine. Bluegrass Greensource provides participants with trash bags, gloves, and an event t-shirt (first come, first served). Cities such as Berea, Burgin, Cynthiana, Frankfort, Georgetown, Harrodsburg, Irvine, Lancaster (April 23), Lawrenceburg, Lexington, Nicholasville, Paint Lick, Paris, Ravenna, Richmond, Shelbyville, Sadieville (April 16), and Stamping Ground, Versailles, and Wilmore (April 20) will participate. Midwegians can participate in this event by showing up Friday, April 22, from noon to 4 p.m. on East Main Street. ••• Plans are being made for this Sunday for the Citizens Action Committee for the Walter Bradley Park to plant redbud and dogwood trees. The group will gather from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, April 24, to carry out the planting. The committee has been working to improve the park with volunteers and local supporters. ••• The proposed city budget includes a 13 percent water-rate boost due to an expected hike from Kentucky American. Well, that’s what the headline read on an article written in the Midway Messenger by Anyssa Roberts and Katherine Stach, University of Kentucky School of Journalism and Media students. If the water rates keep going up, it appears that more Midwegians may have to take up drinking wine – it may be cheaper. That’s what people did in the 1300s – of course, the available water was so bad it was deadly to drink. The people in those times didn’t bath all that often either. I’m not sure how it would work watering flowers – no one wants a bunch of alcoholic flowers around the house. ••• I know from my readings that the areas around Midway shipped corn, tobacco, hemp, and horses out of state on a regular basis. I just read that from July 10 to Aug. 5 of 1882, that there were 72,883 bushels of wheat shipped from Midway to Baltimore and New York and that didn’t include other heavy shipments of wheat that left from Payne’s Depot, Spring Station, and Ducker’s Station, which are only a few miles from Midway. I’m wondering: does anyone grow any wheat around Midway anymore?

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