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Art in The Park

Artist Spotlight John and Connie Bruce are the artists at Spectrum Crafters. Since making Kentucky their home in 2014, these two scientists have discovered two completely different ways to express art in the Bluegrass. Having enjoyed collecting art for years at other shows, they were inspired by their new Kentucky surroundings to explore their inner artist and create art of their own as an outlet to their scientific jobs. John creates one-of-a-kind chimes, candles and lamps from reclaimed Kentucky bourbon bottles. Shaping the bottles to capture the imagination he then adds lights or candles to make beautiful and useful art. John's favorite part of the artistic process is "drawing up the idea in his head." The whole process takes many days. Connie draws on the rich sewing and quilting traditions to pursue the fabric arts. She gathers interesting pieces of fabric, making unique quilts and table decor. They are developing a website that will be completed in the near future. Stop by their booth at their first art show. Spectrum Crafters will be at Art in The Park May 27 and 28 on the lawn of The Woodford Inn.

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