• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Edgewood Farm to donate industrial land

Woodford Economic Development Authority (EDA) Chairman John Soper said Friday, April 22, that the Fields family has offered to donate 20 acres of land to the EDA and provide an option to purchase nearly 200 more for industrial development. Soper's comments came before a unanimous vote (Glen Kelly was absent) for a resolution supporting the development planned for the Edgewood Farm property along Lexington Road. Soper will deliver the endorsement at Thursday night's Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission meeting, which will take place in the third floor courtroom of the county courthouse. "That essentially (puts) about 25 percent of the property under the control of the taxpayers, because we're appointed by elected officials . so I think this gives a great amount of transparency to the way we're going to manage industrial land and where we're going to put it and who's going to be in charge of bringing in the clients," Soper said. The development, if approved by the Planning Commission, would include high-density, multi-family, "upscale apartment complexes" and 78 houses, none of which would cost less than $200,000, Soper said. "Yes, it's going to create an impact on traffic, but it does not result in another stop light. It's going to use the Paddock Drive stoplight. It's not going to have an entrance or access from Paynes Mill Road at all . and it's got interior streets that will hook up to the existing Kroger, Versailles Center, and then it will hook up back through Crossfield Drive as well," Soper said. "So from a traffic standpoint, I think, this is as good as it can get." Kuhlman Boulevard name change Soper briefed members on the Versailles City Council's plan to change the name of Kuhlman Boulevard, which leads to the Versailles Industrial Park, to Industry Drive. Backers say the switch will eventually help prevent trucks using a GPS from winding up on Kuhlman Drive or Kuhlman Court, both of which are in Stonegate subdivision. Last week the council heard first reading of an ordinance for the name change and could approve it Tuesday. Soper said he's tried to contact owners of businesses on Kuhlman Boulevard, one of whom opposed the move, and that he was aware changing the name of the street will be an expense to them. "We want to try to get this done before Motion Industries gets in their new building that Tim Cambron is building on their property for them, because we don't want to have to put them with two addresses," Soper said. "It won't be an overnight solution, but I think this will be the most logical solution," Soper said. Industrial park sign Soper said he'd been approached by the owner of EnSite USA, a new business at Versailles Industrial Park, about adding the company's name to the sign there. The company has 35 employees, most of them engineers, and does pipeline management work across the country. He suggested a motion to charge companies for adding their name to the sign, which presently has extra space. The motion received a unanimous vote, though the cost of the nameplate was not discussed. Old Kroger state office building? Soper said he and Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott met recently with a high-ranking state public property official and informed him about the old Kroger's possible use as a state office building. "I think it was a good meeting. They didn't know about the building. They do now. They didn't have anything on the horizon, but we put it in play," Soper said. Kmart not on closure list Near the end of the meeting, Soper said he'd seen a news story that morning announcing the closure of 78 Kmarts around the country and said the Versailles Kmart was not on that list.

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