• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Woodford County Public Library named ‘Exemplary’

The Woodford County Public Library has been named an “Exemplary Library” – providing the highest level of service to its community as measured by standards developed by the Kentucky Public Library Association in cooperation with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.

The Woodford County Library was one of only nine public libraries in Kentucky named an Exemplary Library on April 14.

“We have a very highly qualified staff and, of course, we always pride ourselves on the customer service,” said Karen Kasacavage, director of the Woodford County Public Library.

The library’s staff at its main branch in downtown Versailles and its Midway Branch “bring a lot of talent and a lot of passion to this,” added assistant Director John Crawford.

Kentucky’s 119 public libraries are rated as Essential, Enhanced or Exemplary as measured by seven standards: governance/administration, human resources, collections, services, facilities, technology, as well as marketing and public relations.

The Woodford County Library has been rated an Enhanced Library for the past several years, according to Kasacavage. She said the library’s board of directors and her staff “worked really hard to attain the exemplary level” by improving in all seven areas measured.

The state standards and Woodford County Library’s strategic plan, which was informed by what the community wanted in its public library, helped us “become a better library,” said Kasacavage.

“Being a better library – that was our goal,” she added.

The Woodford County Public Library is the smallest of nine libraries to earn the state’s highest rating – the others are located in Lexington, Frankfort as well as Boyd, Campbell, Kenton, Jessamine, McCracken and Scott counties.

“We are providing the same high quality of services that libraries much larger than ours provide. And we think that we definitely have a public library that’s worthy of Woodford County,” said Kasacavage.

She said the community’s support and high-level of patronage also played an important part in the Woodford County Library achieving the highest rating for service as measured by the Kentucky Public Library Association.

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