• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Friday Night Block Party set for May 2

The Versailles Merchants Association's Friday Night Block Party returns to West Green Street May 27, offering a mix of food, drinks and music by local bands. "This is kind of a sleeper community sometimes, and (we're) trying to remind people there's a lot to do in your town," said Maria Bohanan, owner of the Main Street shop Pretty in Pink. Musical acts include the Five Below Band (May 27), The Twiggenbury's (June 24), Gotcha (July 22) and Tom Cool and the Cooligans (Sept. 16). All but Gotcha have played at previous block parties. Restaurants selling food on-site will include Callie's, NAPA Prime, Madison's on Main, Addie's and Ricardo's Grill and Pub, and wine and beer will be for sale. Bohanan said there will be plenty of free things to do for the younger set as well, from a bouncy castle to arts and crafts and other entertainment. Asked whether attendance at this year's block parties will get a boost from the April 8 to 10 Spark Versailles festival, Bohanan replied, "I think so. I think the more you get that message out there, whatever form it's in, I think it just helps. I think it helps all the events that go on. It's very important to keep the same message, and that's what SPARK does, too." The Friday Night Block Parties are funded by dues from the Versailles Merchants Association and a number of private and public sponsors, including the city of Versailles. "We feel it's a good investment in our town. If we get someone . who's never been downtown before, and didn't realize what all was available, then that's a win," Bohanan said. Some of the food and entertainment may change this year, but the goal of the block parties remains the same, Bohanan said: To get people to see what their downtown and city have to offer, and if that includes a few paying visitors, all the better. You can find out more about the Friday Night Block Party series on Facebook.

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