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My brother and I got up Friday morning and headed to Lowe’s to see if we could find an umbrella to set up for shade for our puppies. The first thing we saw after turning down Higgins Street there were nine or 10 people unloading this car off of a trailer. We eased through and waved at the guys, wondering why they chose that particular place to unload a car – no big deal, I had my mission. We our way almost to the railroad tracks and I looked down Railroad Street and right there on the corner was a city population sign. Now I’m halfway to the Corner Grocery when it sinks in to my mind what I had just observed and at the same time my brother commented. The population sign said Nazareth and posted a population of 6,583. What in the world, had they changed the name of our dear little town? (I must have missed that council meeting.) We had to do a turn around and visit City Hall to see what was going on here. It was there that we found out that we weren’t in a time warp. We were informed that a group from Asbury College was making a movie. The film crew, part of Film Division of Asbury University, was shooting a one-hour pilot of a situation comedy. They hope to sell the pilot to a national network or a cable channel. The fact that Anson Williams, the guy who starred as TVs Happy Days’ Potsie, was in town stirred up some conversation as everyone wanted to get a peek and see what he looks like after 30-some years. Some even got pictures and had their picture made with him. Getting back to the sign, the movie takes place in the fictitious city of Nazareth, N.C. So, for a small period of time, Midway was the city of Nazareth, N.C. ••• The weekend wasn’t very welcoming for this year’s Francisco’s Farm Art Festival. However, the rain didn’t keep everyone away. The rain did make it rough for the Friday afternoon vendor set-ups as the skies opened up and the rain came down. The volunteer helpers were like the mailman, as the rain didn’t stop them from their appointed rounds. Saturday morning, everyone was set up and ready at opening, although it took a little straw here and there to cover some of the mud holes. The concrete sidewalks and the festival layout at the Midway University Campus grounds sure make things easier on both the exhibitor and the festival goers. Sunday, the sun was out and everyone took advantage of the warm sunshine and no rain. Lots of smiling faces looking over what the 93 vendors had to offer. The only downtown restaurant, The Grey Goose, had lines all the way down the sidewalks as festival goers checked out downtown. I might add that this weekend will be pretty active, too. There will be a couple of thousand cyclists making their way through town Saturday morning and afternoon. Then Saturday night Ray’s Music Exchange will be playing in front of Darlin’ Jean’s from 7 till 10 p.m. Many of the downtown stores will be open and there will be a raffle taking place. ••• On Monday, the annual Memorial Day program will be presented at the Midway Cemetery, W. Stephens Street, in Midway. The program will begin at 10 a.m. ••• The Midway Community Garden Group would like to let everyone know Saturday garden work schedule begins June 4. The normal garden work day schedule on Saturdays throughout the summer will be from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Most Saturdays, people are there by 9 a.m. in an attempt to beat the heat. You are welcome to put some work time into the garden whenever you have some free time, not just on Saturdays. There is a lot of lettuce to be picked right now, so all are welcome to come pick the lettuce as they like. More veggies are on their way, so stop by often to see what’s growing. Wanna help? While you’re picking lettuce there are weeds that really need to be pulled or removed as soon as possible, so please participate in weeding, if you are able. The Midway Farmers’ Market will be having its grand opening on June 6 from 3 to 6 p.m. with fun and interesting activities, info booths, and music. So remember: let’s help this market grow and support local farmers, get the freshest fruits and vegetables, catch up on the local gossip with your neighbors.

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