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Great week in Midway, especially coming off last week’s Francisco’s Farm Art Festival. With all the events going on around Midway Friday night, Versailles had its block party and art event, several things going on in Frankfort, and block party in Georgetown, Midway was packed The restaurants were slammed and the stores that were open were filled with visitors asking questions about Midway. Saturday night wasn’t any different except more stores were open and there was a block party of our own going on. Of course, the first thing that I wondered is, what’s going on? It’s a Memorial Day holiday and everyone is heading for the lakes and rivers. However, this was the weekend of the Horsey 100 and the event did bring a large number of people into the area. According to the Bluegrass Cycling Club’s Facebook entry, there were 2,337 cyclists who registered for the event, and that doesn’t account for those who brought family members along and the 300-plus volunteers. Last year, they had entries from as far away as Washington State. The event made for a nice weekend for Midway Merchants and restaurants. So we got to show our quaint little town off and meet a lot of nice people. How about another gold star for Midway and the people who made it happen? Another event took place Saturday night that has been going on almost as far back as 1964, since the merger of Midway and Versailles high schools. The Midway Alumni Banquet has been honoring the graduating classes of Midway High School with its last class being recognized last year. The group decided to continue to get together and keep meeting and they did so this year. They will continue to meet each year on the last Saturday in May. The people who attend this banquet are what I call Native Midwegians. They grew up in Midway when dogs ran the streets, people, oldies and youngsters alike would park along Railroad Street on weekend nights and watch each other drive by. Their playground was along Lee’s Branch and the old ball park behind the Midway School House. They went to Midway School when there was a high school there and many of them still remember a teacher there by the name of Miss Evelyn Clark, a teacher who made sure you learned something before you ever left her class, included the difference between a nuthatch and a blue jay, which by the way was the school mascot. As I said, this was a Memorial Day weekend and people gathered again this Memorial Day at the Midway Cemetery for this year’s Memorial Day service. This has always been a very nice service to attend. The background for the service is the Midway Veterans’ Memorial at the Midway Cemetery. The flag presentation was led by Boy Scout Troop 400. They also closed the program with the playing of Echo Taps and the Flag retirement ceremony. Special music was provided by former Midway Councilman Aaron Hamilton and closing benediction by Mary Seeger Weese, pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church. U.S. Army National Guard SFC Jeremy Emerson was the guest speaker for the service. Emerson is also the chairman of the Midway Veterans’ Memorial Committee. During his address, he commented on Midway’s memorial: “If you are just visiting this cemetery you can’t help but be drawn in by this veterans’ memorial. More importantly than what is seen is what it stands for. It shows of the price of freedom and the continued sacrifice that goes along with it. Over 860 names are listed on this memorial, 10 of which were killed in action and seven were prisoners of war. It was dedicated almost 19 years ago on Independence Day and it serves as a testament of unwavering support to the people of Midway and our Nation. “In summary, when we start our day in simple gratitude for being in a free country it will help us take our time to reflect, support and inspire and doing so we will honor the fallen, lift up those who struggle and leave a legacy for others to follow. “ The service is hosted by the city of Midway, the mayor, the Midway City Council, and Midway city employees. I would also like to mention the dedication of two Midwegians whom I had the pleasure of growing up with and that would be Jimmie and John Murphy. They are the ones who place the flags each year at the headstones of every veteran buried in Midway.

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