• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

California firm looking at Midway Station site

Woodford Economic Development Authority (EDA) Chairman John Soper told Woodford Fiscal Court Tuesday that a California-based company is considering opening a plant in Woodford County that could employ 240 people. Soper said developer Dennis Anderson, who has an option to purchase property at Midway Station, is allowing the EDA to market the land for the client. Soper said the family-owned company's site selection committee visited last month, and that two weeks ago, the company's chief executive officer and four executives flew in from California. "We think it's going very well, and we think we have a real shot for competing against North Carolina and another city in Central Kentucky. But I think we'll win out, based on that, if we get a shot," Soper said. State inventory tax incentives may be the deciding factor, Soper said. Magistrate C.L. Watts (Dist. 2) asked when the company would make its decision known. Soper replied that he thought it could be as soon as next month.

Fairgrounds With the Woodford County Fair beginning June 20, county maintenance supervisor David Long had good news for fair board officials and fair attendees: the new agricultural pavilion has power, the lights and outlets are working and the building has been inspected. A recent accident led to much of the park having no power. Long said he'd pick up a transformer from Kentucky Utilities (paid for the fair board) and the equipment would be installed Friday. Power to the rest of the fairgrounds would be restored by Saturday, Long said. Magistrate Gary Finnell (Dist. 3) asked why Semones Heating and Air Conditioning was at Payton Hall (the park pavilion). Long told him the pavilion's air conditioning system was shut down, but because the problem is the responsibility of the fair board, he knew nothing more. Sunday alcohol times After a second reading of an ordinance moving the start time for alcohol by-the-drink sales on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 11 a.m., the court voted unanimously to approve the change. Some county businesses had complained that earlier start times for Midway and Versailles put them at a competitive disadvantage. Closing time remains at 10 p.m. Solid waste fees Solid Waste Department Director Sherri McDaniel told the court the present contract for the solid waste convenience center will expire at the end of next year and she anticipated a rate increase because there'd been none for six years. After some debate, the court voted unanimously to raise disposal fees from 3 cents per pound for trees and brush and four cents per pound for other trash and debris to five cents per pound for each. Disc golf County Road director Buan Smith told the court a recent survey of land at the county park set aside for a disc golf course showed how much new fencing will be needed to separate the course from land the county leases to a cattle farmer. "We have roughly 1,500 linear feet of fence that needs to be put up to partition off roughly 47 acres of disc golf from the farm," Smith said. Smith said county road workers will put the fence up, but materials will cost about $3,000. Smith said the money will have to come from the county's general fund. Coyle said the court's fence committee backed the idea, and that the fence would last for a long time. Magistrates voted unanimously in favor of a motion to allow Smith to purchase the materials. HRC budget Magistrates were given a letter from Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Human Rights Commission (HRC) Chair Donald Morton showing the group's fiscal 2017 budget of $2,400 and a $1,536.52 balance. Judge-Executive John Coyle suggested the county fund the HRC by paying four-ninths of $1,000 ($444) with Versailles also paying $444 and Midway $112. The breakdown, he said, was in line with the way the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission is funded. The court voted 7 to 1 in favor of a motion backing Coyle's suggestion, with Magistrate Duncan Gardiner (Dist. 6) voting no. Road aid The court unanimously endorsed an agreement with the state Transportation Cabinet for fiscal year 2017 (which begins July 1) for the County Road Aid Cooperative Program. Woodford County's share will be $654,661.39.

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