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Unique opportunity Editor, The Sun: Have you enjoyed the SPARK! Ignite Downtown Versailles event the last two years? Do you enjoy the beautiful landscaping at the food bank at the Woodford County Park? Do you love this community and feel it has given much to you and your family? Do you seek a way to give back to Woodford County? To leave a legacy for the next generation? The Woodford County Community Fund is the answer. If you said yes to any of these questions, now is the time to act on a unique opportunity. The Endow Kentucky Tax Credit Program provides a state tax credit when you make a contribution to an endowment at a qualified community fund. The Woodford County Community Fund (WCCF) is just such a community fund. Our mission is to grow an endowment that enables us to nurture our youth, care for each other, and care for our community as our legacy for the future. Endow Kentucky offers up to a 20 percent income tax credit if you submit an application by July 1 and it is approved. So, in addition to the federal charitable tax deduction value of the gift, the tax credit may be taken against an individual, corporate income tax or a limited liability entity tax. Here's the thing: A tax credit lowers your tax bill dollar-for-dollar regardless of your tax bracket. So why donate to the Woodford County Community Fund? An endowed community fund provides interest income that is "spent" to partner with individuals, businesses and nonprofits to make Woodford County a better place to live, learn, work and play. Join us in building an endowment that will support extraordinary initiatives (like the two youth defined and implemented project noted earlier) for generations to come. For more information on the Woodford County Community Fund go to www.bgcf.org/woodfordcounty. Lori Garkovich Versailles Magicians Editor, The Sun: I finally planted my industrial hemp seeds and said a prayer for a fruitful harvest. After preparing the ground and catching a break in the weather, it's out of my hands and I'm at Nature's mercy. The growing process is no mystery, but it sure seems unlikely that such puny, dried-up seed could ever yield the lush, green hemp that towers up to 10 feet tall. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm starting to think that farmers are actually magicians in disguise, but they're not hucksters fooling us with sleight-of-hand tricks. They work real miracles, drawing life out of the dirt that most of us wash from our clothes and sweep from our homes, the same medium our ancestors used generations before we were born. I'm thankful for the farmers who've kept working the land, holding it in trust for future generations, like me. They've always known that farming was never meant to be a lofty occupation or a lucrative career. Instead it's a primal way of life, as essential to human existence as breathing - or eating. Farmers build our economy from the ground up and feed us at the same time. Farmers wield the hoe like a magic wand, and with an ancient alchemy turn raw materials like water, sunshine, and soil into gold. It's much more impressive than pulling rabbits out of a hat. Jane Marie Watts Frankfort

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