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I’m still going through the hundreds of boxes filled with Midway stuff. Stuff like three copies of the original Bluegrass Clipper. Pictures of old Midway buildings and pictures of deceased Midway people. Lordy, I even found some old pictures of various outhouses that were once in Midway. The pictures were taken in the merry month of May 1950. One such picture referred to the outhouse in the picture as a privy. Now when I grew up we just called it an outhouse, so I guess if you have a privy that must be what they call the fancier outhouses, but wait: I’m getting way ahead of myself here. I’m assuming that you, the readers, are old enough to know what an outhouse is. So I’ll digress a bit, “An outhouse, also known by many other names, is a small structure, separate from a main building, (probably talking about the main house itself), which covers a pit latrine or a dry toilet.” You use to see an outhouse depicted in cartoons all the time, a 6-foot-tall, 4-foot-deep, and 4-foot-wide structure made of wood with a door on the front sporting a half-moon cutout to allow for ventilation. Now I remember an outhouse at my grandmother’s house and I recall several outhouses at several residences in town as I was growing up. As I recall, people in the city limits of Midway had to begin hooking up to the sewer lines, and from the looks of these pictures, it is a wonder that the people of Midway didn’t come down with the Black Plague (and to think – Midway residents were once concerned about the smell of a stockyard being built two miles out of town). In these pictures some of the outhouses didn’t have a roof (now the roofless outhouse could have been on purpose. One being that it didn’t have the half-moon cut out on the door so the no roof allowed for plenty of ventilation, although if you had to go when it was raining, I guess you were out of luck. The second reason could have been while you were letting go and relaxing you could enjoy the sun, moon and stars depending on your timing.) No matter how much ventilation an outhouse or privy might have, it still always had an odor that’s hard to forget. I can still recall what my Irish grandmother’s outhouse smelled like. I do recall that my Irish grandmother’s outhouse had a five gallon bucket filled with lime and an old water dipper. If you went to the outhouse and had to do your business sitting, after you got up and used a couple of pages of the Sears and Roebuck catalog (that’s another whole story for another time) and you dumped a cup of lime down in the hole. I repeat myself – I can still recall the smells of her outhouse as though it was yesterday. There are some things you just don’t forget and the smell of grandmother’s outhouse is definitely one of those things. ••• Residents of Midway, be sure and shout out to all your friends and have them mark their calendar this month for Friday, June 24, just a few days away. A committee from Midway Renaissance is bringing back the Furlong Friday’s party but the name of the event itself has been changed to”Midsummer Nights in Midway” and there are going to be a few added attractions for this event. The bluegrass band “Shades of Grass’ will be performing from 7 to 10 p.m. There will be vendors, cars, face-painters, and a 12-foot surprise running around all over the place. The Midway shops will be open all day during regular store hours and special shops will continue to stay open throughout event hours. Help get Midsummer Nights in Midway off the ground and warm things up for more of the same July 22 with Midway’s favorite band, “Superfecta.” ••• I’m sorry – I have to bring up one more issue with the outhouses. Maybe I should refer to this type of outhouse as a privy since a “two holer” is fancier than a “one holer.” For the life of me, as I put to use my grandmother’s privy, I would sit there just doing my business and I would look over and see another spot just like the one I was using. Why are there two holes in a privy? If someone has to go do you invite them in to join you. Do you let the vistor get first use of the Sears and Roebuck catalog first? I guess they did have bathroom issues even in my grandmother’s day ••• I celebrated a great birthday last weekend.On my birthday, Saturday, I met with family and we all hung out around downtown Midway. We moved our gathering to Homeplace so that my oldest daughter could add to the festivities. I didn’t have to drive and there was plenty of food and drink for me and all my friends and family. It really makes one appreciate what we have here in Midway. By the time that I am too weary to bust very many moves, I’ll know my way around The Homeplace and my transition to there won’t be bad at all. On Sunday, I had some friends from Stamping Ground who were celebrating a couple of birthdays and guess where they celebrated. Yep, they made their way towards Midway and stopped just ouside of town at Equus Run. They gave me a call and I met with them for Equus Run’s Music in the Vines. Apparently, lots of people take their Sundays during the summer and settle back to enjoy the”nectar of the gods” and the music from local bands. I even got up and did a birthday dance. Looks like I’ll be spending the week using ice packs and getting the swelling in my feet and legs to go down. Ah, but the memories will be nice when I’m at The Homeplace. ••• Mammaw, there is a guy who lives behind the city hall and every time a bunch of people comes around, he starts bragging about being in the Army. He talks about making a lot of money and being the richest man in Woodford County, and not only that, he said that he is so good-looking that could have any woman he wanted. I told my teacher about this guy and she said that people who act like that are egotists. “Yep, Johnny Boy, I heard that’s what those kinds of people are called. The nice thing about egotists is that, unlike at lot of other people I know, they don’t go around talking about other people.”

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