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Lots of help Editor, The Sun: On the third weekend of May, Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival, a production of a committee of Midway Renaissance, provided its 13th fine arts production. Where do you begin to express your appreciation for an event that it takes so many to produce? We could start with the venue and what an excellent “town-gown” experience Francisco’s Farm is on the campus of Midway University. Not only does the university provide the beautiful setting, but many employees are critical in their participation. In its contribution to the experience, the City of Midway, that little railroad village between Lexington and Frankfort, offers vital assistance from its employees as the flags go up and come down and early arriving artists are assisted. And what’s an arts festival without the artists who pack, haul, unpack, pack and haul again weekend after weekend to share their creative gifts with us. Or, how would we put it on without sponsors who make financial and in-kind contributions: Midway University, Solarity, McDonald’s, Midway Business Association, Grey Goose, Upper Right Marketing, City of Midway, The Herald-Leader, WUKY, WLWX, WMLX, Midway School House Bakery, United Bank – all make meaningful, much appreciated contributions. But every year artists and patrons alike tell us that we have the best volunteers they see any place – hard-working volunteers who set up the venue, assist the artists in their loading and unloading, give them breaks from their booths, greet and assist patrons, clean up when it’s all over and then evaluate to see how it can be done better next year. And then there are the patrons whom we love to welcome to our campus and town – rain or shine! Joy Arnold, chair Francisco’s Farm Arts Festival Committee Use local crops Editor, The Sun: I have called Woodford County home for 26 years. I love the countryside and see something beautiful on every road I drive. I especially admire and respect our hard-working farmers. They don’t have a day off; every day is a work day. They care for their animals, the land, raise crops, and in doing so take care of all of us. With the bakery coming to Versailles on Big Sink Pike, what better way to “pay it back” by having these farmers grow the crops needed right here. A mill would be a great addition as well and would bring more jobs in the area. We have the train tracks nearby to get product in and out. I am not a farmer, and there is likely a lot more involved than I can imagine, but instead of building more houses, wouldn’t it be great to use our farmlands to grow crops for use right here? Farmers are some of the smartest people I know and can grow anything; they are not limited to one crop. Wheat, oats, barley, sunflowers, etc., are just a few of what could be used. I know many have said the same. I am not the first, nor the last (I hope). Why limit the ways our county can benefit from this new business? Marcha Allison Versailles

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