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Letter to the editor

Our duty Editor, The Sun: Present day America. Some think our Declaration of Independence and our Founding Fathers are archaic, outdated, too old for the modern times we live in. We forget that these were men taking a gigantic personal risk, putting forth new ideas, trying to establish a government that would last for generations to come. It wasn't just for them personally. It was for the new nation and those that would follow. A big dream, a big plan, a big hope in the future and a vision of what could be ... and then was. We are sometimes stuck in the present when we should be building and shoring up the future. Our children's future and the future of generations to come are to be our priorities. Our Founding Fathers defined the plan and assigned the task. It's now up to "We The People" to continue the mission. Are we forgetting the words "consent of the governed" in the Declaration of Independence? Are we forgetting "alter or abolish" when government becomes destructive? The Declaration of Independence is an awesome document written by awesome men. It should be read by all and remembered by all. Our government today doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that document. They want to look away from forces that would harm us. Greed, personal growth, lies and corruption have replaced the will of the people that they represent. They took an oath when they were elected to serve. Yes, to serve "We the People." It's way past time for that oath to be honored. It's time for pulling up the bootstraps, rolling up the sleeves and getting this nation sound again. It's not just your job, it's your American duty! Our great country is in jeopardy. The time to act with patriotism is today! Patricia L. Watson Versailles

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