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Pow! Boom! Bam! Well, this weekend sure wasn’t a snap, crackle, and pop kind of weekend. However, the weather held off on Saturday and Sparks in the Park came off without a hitch, unlike last year when everything got rained out. Although the rolling thunder and threatening clouds may have caused some potential attendees to back out, there were still around 300 attendees who made their way to Walter Bradley Park to check out the Sparks in the Park celebration. Although the crowd may have been down a bit this year, there were definitely more children there, as they took advantage of the games set up just for them, and I am pretty sure all of the children there had at least 10 to 20 minutes in the bouncing castle. Everyone there took advantage of the barbecue, baked beans and cole slaw, I know I had my share. All the members running for Midway City Council got to address the crowd in reference to them running for office. Council member and candidate Libby Warfield gave her address and then led everyone in saying grace. No live music was played this year; however, a great selection of songs ala Pandora ran through a great sound system kept everyone’s toes a-tappin’ It was soon after the sparks event was winding down that the fireworks could be heard going off in every direction. Fireworks have sure changed since the days I thought blowing up a metal Band Aid box was a big deal. They sell fireworks now that must be kin to dynamite. The explosions sound like mortar shells exploding, causing the ground to shake if they happen to go off nearby. I found out later that was what the fireworks were called, mortar shell. I saw a post on Facebook about people’s horses going crazy, dogs jumping into bathtubs and refusing to come out, and humans just getting scared out of their wits, wondering when everything was going to stop. I had to ask my Irish grandmother once what exactly did getting scare out of your wits mean. I have yet to get a definition but I do understand the concept. There were a lot of people in Midway and throughout the county waiting for everything to die down so their animals could settle down. I couldn’t help but wonder what Ashford Stud did with American Pharoah while all this noise was going on. I bet the farm built him a padded, totally sound-proof stall. ••• Just the other day I was talking about a movie celebrity and Pulitzer-winning playwright chilling out in Midway with his family, and right down the street another movie celebrity hanging out with his son right on Railroad Street in Midway. It seems that we have a new national TV celebrity, and of course she has already gained famed as a culinary expert and a James Beard Foundation Award nominee as Best Chef in the Southeast numerous times, competing against chefs in major metropolitan areas. Her restaurants have been regularly featured in local and national media, such as USA Today, The San Francisco Chronicle, Garden & Gun, Southern Living, Sophisticated Living, the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times. Now she has gone from print to television. Last week she was on “CBS This Morning segment called “The Dish.” She will be discussing some of her famous dishes. Ouita Michels is now executive chef and owner of five restaurants, including the popular Holly Hill Inn, in partnership with her husband, Chris. She is also a chef-in-residence at the Woodford Reserve Distillery. The other parts of Ouita Michel Enterprises include Wallace Station, the Windy Corner Market and Restaurant in Lexington, Smithtown Seafood in Lexington, and the Midway School Bakery in Midway. Ouita is just one of the special people in Midway that keeps Midway on the map. ••• I was talking to a fellow the other day and we were talking about when we visit other states and towns. There have been several occasions when people ask where we are from. He, like myself, will usually say that we are from a small city outside of Lexington. Years ago, we would use to get the response, “ Isn’t that there a small town called Midway near Lexington where the woman’s college is?” Now we get “Isn’t there a small town called Midway and they have nice little shops and some very good restaurants?” My friend and I both admitted that it really gives us a thrill to be able to say “Yes, that’s the town that we live in.” ••• I was in a great mood one day. My friend had bought me an ice-cream cone and another had let me ride his horse after school. I couldn’t wait to reach my Irish grandmother’s house to share my joy with her. “Mammaw, the world is really great. I think everybody on this good earth is good.” My Irish grandmother just shook her head: “Johnny Boy, you just haven’t met everybody yet.”

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