• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

More Than A Bakery breaks ground for new facility

FROM LEFT, Woodford Judge-Executive John Coyle, Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott, More Than A Bakery treasurer Rob Quigg, Gov. Matt Bevin, company president Bill Quigg and state Rep. James Kay tossed cracker crumbs at the company's ground-breaking Monday. (Photo by John McGary)

Usually, politicians and company officials toss a shovel of dirt when they ceremonially break ground for a new facility. More Than A Bakery brass did things differently Monday, dipping shovels into a bin of one of the company's products, graham cracker crumbs. A bearded Gov. Matt Bevin even took a taste before the toss. The noon groundbreaking attracted more than a hundred employees, local politicians and state officials to a tent off Big Sink Pike where the company will begin building their $57.1 million, 250,000 square-feet plant next month. Company President Bill Quigg spoke first, saying a drive on Kentucky's back roads Friday on the way to the site moved him to say to himself, "I am so fortunate." He praised the work of local leaders and the state Cabinet for Economic Development that helped attract the company that will eventually employ 310 workers in Versailles. "Although we have 113 years of history and four generations of family involvement, we have a lot of exciting times ahead as we make Kentucky our new home," Quigg said. Versailles Mayor Brian Traugott praised Quigg for holding an April 1 public meeting in which citizens were allowed to voice their concerns about the plant's impact on the area. "If we were able to pick a company from scratch that we wanted to relocate and call Versailles and Woodford County home, I believe we found it. We wanted a company that shared our values and gave us something to be proud of." Traugott said. Woodford Judge-Executive John Coyle spoke of the company's emphasis on family, from the people who run it to the "family members" who'll work there. "On the back of the program, 'family pride' - you can tell that they are very proud of what they do and want to do good for their employees, and I am here to welcome all of you to Woodford County as you become part of the Woodford County family," Coyle said. Before the event, state Rep. James Kay said that he remarked on what a warm, toasty day it was to Quigg, who responded, "You should see what it's like working inside a bakery." Kay added, "I can tell you when you bring together a group like More Than A Bakery, who's willing to leave the Hoosier state for the Wildcat state, it shows you that they are invested in some place that is special." More Than A Bakery's Versailles plant is an expansion by the parent company, Richmond Baking, of Richmond, Ind. Quigg introduced Bevin by saying that they spoke last winter before company officials made the decision to come to Versailles, and that Bevin closed the conversation by suggesting that Quigg take his kids sledding. "This is truly more than a bakery. This will be a corporate citizen the likes of which, frankly, any community in America would be truly blessed - not fortunate, but truly blessed to have a business like this locate here," Bevin said. Bevin closed by pledging his administration's support for the company and its workers. "I want to commit on behalf of the Commonwealth of Kentucky any and everything that we can possibly do to make it possible for those employees around here, those that will come, anything that we can do to make you sure that this was the best decision you made," Bevin said. After the 50-minute ceremony, a company official told The Sun that he expects employee recruiting efforts to begin next spring, with production of cookies, crackers and cracker crumbs to begin that fall.

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