• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Council passes gun law

MIDWAY - In two votes Monday, the city council unanimously passed an ordinance making it a misdemeanor to fire a gun within city limits and setting a $100 to $250 penalty for doing so. The law does allow police to shoot in the performance of their duties and citizens to do so while protecting themselves or their property. Before the vote, council member Dan Roller asked whether the Versailles Police Department (VPD), which has a contract with the city, was approached about the proposal and if police officials had an opinion on it. Mayor Grayson Vandegrift said he hadn't run it by the VPD, but that the city of Versailles had a similar ordinance. He asked Versailles Assistant Police Chief Mike Murray his opinion of the bill. "I think the city definitely does need an ordinance pertaining to the discharge of firearms. Not that it's anything frequent that we deal with, but it's good to have it, because without it, the only thing you've really got to charge somebody with is if someone points a gun at someone, which falls under the state (wanton endangerment) law," Murray said. Murray said the Versailles ordinance doesn't allow people to shoot any sort of projectile within city limits, including slingshots and bow and arrows. Vandegrift said city attorney Phil Moloney told him the city was well within its rights to pass such an ordinance. New IT vendor Vandegrift told the council he'd reached a deal with an Alpharetta, Ga., information technology (IT) company that will save the city between $2,000 and $3,000 annually. The move will also cut its IT vendors from three to two, he said. The company, Sophicity, sells a product called "IT in a Box," and has a longstanding contract with the Kentucky League of Cities. "(In) the spirit of making our government more efficient, I think, it's prudent, and I decided to go with this company . to condense our services ." Vandegrift said. The new product will eventually allow people to pay their water bills online, with consumers paying credit card fees fees for doing so. "We'll have some control over that. It'll probably be something like a $1.50 service charge if you pay your bill online. I don't know how much it costs to pay online, but I think there's always a service charge involved ." Vandegrift said, adding that the option should be available within a month or so. Vandegrift said the city will keep its $4,000 contract with software provider United. Good budget news Vandegrift said the city finished fiscal year 2016, which ended June 30, under budget by $150,000 in its general fund, $26,000 in its sewer fund and $23,000 from its water fund. Volunteer day Midway University's director of student involvement and leadership Tracy Small-Spotts asked the council where students could volunteer during a community service event Aug. 20. Council member Steven Craig suggested the city's softball field. Vandegrift said the city would provide the paint if students wanted to paint the concession stand. Council member Kaye Nita Gallagher suggested Small-Spotts contact Midway Renaissance to see where that group needed help with Walter Bradley Park. Roller noted that the university owns a lot between two houses on Warfield Street that needs to be cleaned up. Gallagher got a laugh when she asked, "How about the water tower?" Small-Spotts replied that she didn't think she had a waiver that would cover such work.

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