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What cost? Editor, The Sun: I read the article titled "Edgewood farm plan elicits both support and criticism' in the May 5, 2016 edition, and the letter to the editor from Dan Fusting and would like to make a comment. It seems the first priority would be the flooding in the Williams Lane, Big Sink Pike area. After that is resolved, what then will be the impact on the number one industry, agriculture? What will be the cost of a new hospital? If the hospital is replaced would it not cost less to build on the old site? The beauty of Woodford County is due to the beauty of the land in agriculture. If the county has a plan to preserve horse farms and that plan is altered, then what good is the plan? The budget has to be balanced and the people who own real estate usually get an increase in their property tax. Ken Travis Newbern, Tenn. Supports Midway Editor, The Sun: In the July 28 issue of The Woodford Sun on page 10, John McDaniel in his column titled "Personals and Comments" said a blatant lie about the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce. He wrote: "Maybe the Woodford County Chamber of Commerce doesn't see fit to recognize our Midway restaurants, but Midwegians know what we have in Midway. As a matter of fact, so do a lot of people around the Bluegrass Region." I guess it is time to educate McDaniel about the chamber along with several other individuals on the Midway City Council. McDaniel sits in on city council meetings where I have explained what the chamber does for Midway. Maybe a personal prejudice against the chamber doesn't enable him to hear all the information, so I will present that information again. The chamber represents businesses all over Woodford County, including the restaurants in Midway. The chamber has been the biggest supporter of Midway, not only restaurants but other businesses in Midway. One out of every three individuals who come into the chamber's visitors' center for information on what to do, or where to eat, are told about the great restaurants and shopping that is available in Midway. I guess I should call or send for McDaniel every time we recommend Midway to visitors, but I do not think it would help. The chamber website lists all businesses in Midway that are members of the chamber. The current restaurants that are on that list are Grey Goose, Mezzos Italian Cafe, and Heirloom. Information about these restaurants, along with other businesses, is displayed at the chamber. Another member of the chamber is the Midway Merchants Association. The chamber also represents the Woodford County Tourism Commission through the Visitor Information Center, and if you look on the tourism website - www.reservewoodford.com - you will see all the restaurants and businesses in Midway that have given us their information. Maybe next time before he makes statements that are not true, McDaniel would ask questions like a good journalist would do, before making false statements. Donald A. Vizi, executive director Woodford County Chamber of Commerce

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