Message from the Mayor

I participated in my first murder mystery dinner on Sunday at Midway Christian Church, but I wasn’t one of the sleuths trying to catch the culprit, I was the victim. It was performed very well by youth members and was a classic whodunit where everyone was a suspect. The motives for wiping out the tyrannical Mayor Vandegrift included the confiscating of all knives in town (which the butcher hated) to disallowing hunting (the chef didn’t like that) and keeping the fire department all volunteer (that made the fire chief a suspect.) It was all in good fun and even though I was killed I had a great time. I do have to reiterate though that I’m not going to take your knives away, and although the city council did recently pass an ordinance making it illegal to fire guns for sport I do believe most people aren’t upset with the lack of groundhogs and opossums on Midway menus. Now I’m going to check with Chief Armstrong to make sure we’re cool and try to talk Katie into taking a little money out of savings to conduct an approval ratings poll to make sure those youngsters weren’t trying to tell me something. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my “brother-in-law” was the guilty party – which we should have known – always suspect the in-laws.

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