• Grayson Vandegrift, Midway Mayor

Message from the Mayor

I doubt many Woodford Countians would argue that there exists a rivalry between the Midway area and the more southern end of our border. I’ve heard it referred to as the Midway-Versailles rivalry, although it has no specific boundary. It also appears to have no specific reason for existing – I’ve heard a lot of different opinions as to how it started – and many acknowledge that it seems to have been from time immemorial. Rivalries can be good things – healthy competition can make us strive to be our best. They can also be distractions, delaying the progress we need to make. But I bet that in the presence of a common enemy, the cities and communities of this county would come together like the Red Sea crashing in on the pharaoh’s army. That’s why about a year ago, I called for joint meetings between the elected officials of Midway and Versailles and the Woodford County Fiscal Court. Fiscal court members balked at the idea, presumably out of fear that Midway and Versailles were laying a trap and planning an ambush. It’s an understandable concern, given the past, but no ambush was or is planned. In reality, we do have common enemies: poverty, declining infrastructure, high taxes, and more. What could possibly be wrong with having a joint meeting where every single resident of this county was represented? If you agree, I strongly urge you to contact your magistrate on the fiscal court and let them know. If such a meeting does occur, and members of the fiscal court are attacked or overwhelmed, I’ll be the first to come to their defense. I have absolutely no interest in a merged government, but I do think that our three governments should work together as best they can. And until we get into the same room and have at least one discussion, that’s not going to happen. I hope such a meeting does happen, and I believe it will take interested citizens contacting their representatives to make it happen. Joint meetings could reveal that the three governments working independently of one another is what’s best for the county. It could also reveal opportunities more easily afforded to united counties. If nothing else, it could help to lighten the darker parts of the rivalries between us. But until we meet, how will we know?

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