• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

County to pave, stripe Falling Springs lot

In separate votes, Woodford Fiscal Court voted Tuesday to repave and stripe the main parking lot of the Falling Springs Recreation Center - but not before nearly 30 minutes of debate over the issue. Magistrates Gary Finnell (Dist. 3) and Jackie Brown (Dist. 8) argued that the city of Versailles, which has an interlocal agreement with the county on funding for the parks department, should chip in. The agreement provides for a 55/45 funding split, but allows either party to not pay for capital projects. Judge-Executive John Coyle said he understood their concerns, but pointed out that the lot is on county land. Parks and recreation Director Rich Pictor told magistrates the original projected cost of the paving and restriping was $163,000, and that the county had budgeted $90,074 for the project, but the city of Versailles didn't budget any money for it. Road Engineer Buan Smith said the lowered cost of the bid is due to the lowest price for asphalt he'd seen in eight years. The vote on paying low bidder Mago Construction of Bardstown $108,000 to pave the lot passed five to three, with Finnell, Brown and Magistrate Ken Reed (Dist. 4) voting no. Earlier, Reed suggested patching potholes - which several members of the court and Pictor agreed posed safety issues - then revisiting the repaving and striping issues next spring. The vote on paying sole bidder Central Seal Company of Danville $19,827.25 to stripe the lot passed six to two, with Reed and Brown voting no. Magistrate Duncan Gardiner (Dist. 6) then asked for a motion to direct Coyle to ask the city to pay 45 percent of the $1,919 restriping cost of the circle in front of the aquatics center. The motion passed unanimously. Taxes The court unanimously passed a series of ordinances setting tax rates, all of which are unchanged from last year, except for the library tax, which was lowered. All rates are per $100 of assessed value. . Real and personal property at seven cents. . Bank deposit at 2.5 cents, motor vehicle at 9.4 cents and watercraft at 9.4 cents. . Library rates of 6.3 cents on real and personal property, down from 6.6 cents last year. . County Extension program rates of 1.7 cents on real property, 1.8 cents on personal property, and 1.5 cents on motor vehicles and watercraft. New hires The court unanimously approved paying new EMS Director Freeman Bailey a $71,300 salary and the personnel committee's choice of Rick Wade as maintenance director. Wade, who's worked for the county recycling center for five years, will be paid $43,000 a year. Lansing Lane After a public hearing on the request by Ashford Stud to close the southernmost portion of Lansing Lane in exchange for the farm paying for a turnaround there, the court voted unanimously to approve the project. It will be overseen by Smith and the turnaround will be constructed 830 feet from the existing end of Lansing Lane. Railroad museum grant The court voted unanimously to allow Bluegrass Railroad Museum director John Penfield to apply for a $95,616 state Transportation Cabinet grant to refurbish the Duncan Tavern railcar. If successful, the grant would allow Penfield to supply $20,000 worth of in-kind labor and materials. The county will serve as a pass-through for the grant and will not be responsible for paying for the work. Jail phone system The court unanimously approved Woodford Jailer Michele Rankin's request for a new four-year deal with Securus Technologies, which provides the phone system used by inmates. Rankin said the system allows officials to monitor inmates' conversations, a valuable tool for prosecutors. A tracking system also shows the location of the phone of the outside party, which can help track down escapees. Bluegrass ADD The court voted unanimously to pay the Bluegrass Area Development District $3,101.94 for its services to the county for fiscal year 2017, which began July 1.

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