• John McGary, Woodford Sun Staff

Council erases garbage fee

In one of the shortest Versailles City Council meetings in years, the council unanimously passed two ordinances doing away with the $3 monthly garbage franchise fee. Mayor Brian Traugott noted that would save the city's 3,000 or so rate-payers $36 a year. The move was made possible when the city finished paying off the cost of the Grassy Springs landfill. Police smart phone app Police Chief James Fugate told the council about a new application for smart phones being used by departments in Berea, Frankfort and Kentucky State Police that will be available in Versailles in two weeks. The free app, made by Mobile Life Solutions of Louisville, will allow citizens to make anonymous tips to police and eventually, Fugate said, look up city and county ordinances. It will also include a community calendar, parade permits, open record request forms and job applications for the police department. "It's a great public relations outreach program," said council member Ken Kerkhoff. Traugott said within a few months, the app can be used to report potholes and other problems to the Public Works Department. He said he'd tested Berea's version and found it easy to download and use. The app will be available for all smart phones, Fugate said. The initial cost of $5,000 will be paid for by asset forfeiture funds. The annual charge after the first year will be $1,000. After the meeting, Fugate said the app will provide a wide variety of information about his department that citizens presently have to get by calling or visiting the department. People will be able to find the app by going to the company's website and entering "Versailles Police Department," Fugate said. Habitat water tap waived The council voted unanimously to waive the water and sewer tap fees for a home at 208 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard being constructed for Habitat for Humanity. Council member Carl Ellis noted that the council has always waived those fees for Habitat homes. Compressor replacement The council voted unanimously to purchase a new compressor for the air conditioner at the raw water building from low bidder Semones Heating and Air for $4,313. Goals and objectives Before the council meeting, eight representatives from the two city councils and Woodford Fiscal Court spent nearly an hour discussing the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning Commission's Goals and Objectives. The Goals and Objectives section is part of the Planning Commission's Comprehensive Plan update, and is the sole portion of the plan that can be revised by the councils and court. Members agreed to a change in the Transportation section's Objectives: to remove language promoting and encouraging the proposed Northwest Versailles Mobility Corridor (also known as the Versailles Bypass). Members agreed that the Goals and Objectives section did not typically include mentions of specific projects, and that the Versailles Bypass, which is not in the six-year state road plan, is mentioned twice elsewhere in the Comprehensive Plan. If agreed on by the councils and court, the new language will read, "Pursue projects that minimize traffic on main streets and narrow residential streets, including, but not limited to, alternate routes." Members were still debating a section regarding expansion of urban service areas when the full council meeting began. They agreed to meet again. Members included Ellis, Versailles council members Ann Miller and Mary Ellen Bradley, Midway council members Sara Hicks, Dan Roller and Libby Warfield, and Woodford Magistrates Mary Ann Gill (Dist. 7) and Gerald Dotson (Dist. 5).

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