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Warfield seeks reelection

Midway City Council member Libby Warfield has announced that she will seek reelection in November. In a statement, she said: “I greatly appreciate the opportunity I have had to be your city councilman for the last two years. My priorities remain the same and include providing as many essential services to our citizens that are within our grasp, protecting and enhancing our city properties, ensuring that we remain financially sound by working to find new sources of revenue other than raising taxes, and discovering ways to benefit our less fortunate among us by developing closer church, community, and government connections. Our continuing efforts to improve our sidewalks and to control the vehicular speed especially on Winter Street as well as other streets are key to everyone’s safety. I believe we should remain vigilant in our efforts to encourage private property owners to aspire to higher standards of maintenance on their properties where public safety warrants such actions. “I strive to make decisions with an emphasis that every one of us has the opportunity for quiet enjoyment of our daily lives as citizens of Midway. “Contact me at libby@meetmeinmidway.com or by calling 846-4363.”

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