Message from the Mayor

I attended a nice breakfast Monday morning that the Homeplace at Midway hosted as they celebrated their Founders Week. Nursing Home Task Force Members Lonnie Adkins, Helen Clifton, Earlene Ginter, and Pat Wilson were in attendance as well as representatives from the Homeplace and Midway University. I issued a proclamation declaring this to be “Christian Care Communities Founders Week” in Midway. It’s quite a history they have, dating all the way back to 1884. After the breakfast, Ms. Clifton showed me two terrific scrapbooks she assembled over the years with newspaper clippings, photographs of beaten biscuit workshops, fundraisers, and much more. It’s an incredible chronology of the tenacious effort that so many people put forth to make that dream a stunning reality. If you visit the Homeplace, be sure to check them out. The bridge over Lee’s Branch is complete and already being traveled across. It effectively connects downtown with Northside Drive, making an easy and lovely walk between the two, as well as creating a safe, scenic shortcut to the library, the school, the trails, and the rest of the park. John Holloway’s spirit, talent, and dedication were the driving force, but many people played important roles in making it happen. Some of those people serve on the Park Citizen’s Advisory Committee, which will now be relieved of duty, as they have gone above and beyond their task of creating a vision for the future of Walter Bradley Park. Thanks to them, we have a newly cleared area of the park, newly planted trees, improved and expanded walking trails, the aforementioned bridge, and two new entrances at Gratz Street and at Northside Drive. There are many more plans in the works, and the newly ordained Midway Parks Board will pick up where they left off. We’ll be making the initial appointments to that board at our next city council meeting on Monday, Oct. 17, at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. I hope fans of the park will come as we honor those members of the CAC for their outstanding service to Midway.

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