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Midway restaurants and stores have been busy this week, as people have been making their way into town all last weekend and making this Tuesday one of the busiest Tuesdays that I have seen in a while. The activities aren’t going to slow down as Midway will continue to buzz for the rest of the week. Cindy Alvarado-Yeary had her opening reception for her animal artwork at the Midway branch of the Woodford County Library last week. Her illustrations have been published in books and magazines. Her artwork is included in collections worldwide and has won national awards. Her favorite subjects are dogs and horses and you can see some of her work in this exhibit as she presents her art in watercolor, graphite pencil, and pen and ink. Her work will be at the library for viewing through October. ••• The newly built footbridge at the park will be dedicated this Saturday at 2 p.m. or, if it rains, 2 p.m. on Sunday. If it rains Sunday, I’m really not sure what happens, so you might want to check Facebook and see what the alternatives are, as I am sure someone will keep us posted. I went down to see the bridge after its completion last weekend to check it out. It is one stout little bridge. In my younger days when I kept a horse in my back yard, I would have saddled up and rode across it on horseback. So make your way down North Gratz Street this Saturday and join everyone for the ribbon cutting. ••• One thing for sure is there won’t be a letdown in activity this Sunday morning, as the Iron Horse Half Marathon will be coming to town. This half marathon has become an annual favorite right along with the Francisco’s Farm Art Festival and the Midway Fall Festival. The event will bring more than 2,000 runners, workers, spectators, and volunteers to Midway. If you get hungry while waiting for the race to start, make your way to the Midway Christian Church. They will be hosting a breakfast for race participants and spectators. ••• Midway has a number of its residents who have served in the military. There is one that a lot of people from Woodford County might remember.

This guy, if my memory serves me right, won three Kentucky state wrestling championships for Woodford County High School in his weight division. I am talking about Richard Starks, who graduated from West point a few years ago. He is now in command of Creek Company, 2nd Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment at Fort Polk. Starks’s company recently conducted training and testing in their annual Expert Infantrymen Badge (EIB) event. It is a two-week event where soldiers are tested on physical fitness, marksmanship, land navigation, and common infantry tasks. In order to begin testing every soldier must qualify expert with their assigned weapon system. Soldiers must hit 36 out of 40 pop-up targets ranging from distances from 50 to 300 meters. Testing week begins with the Army physical fitness test where are you must score 80 percent or higher in order to continue testing. Soldiers then conduct day and night land navigation, where they must find three out of four points using a map and compass. The next three days consist of testing on 30 infantry tasks. Ten tasks involve disassembly and assembly of weapons ranging from the M4 rifle, M249, M240 machine guns, MK19 grenade launcher, and .50 caliber machine gun. Ten tasks involve medical procedures such as controlling bleeding, conducting treatment for burns, abdominal wounds, head wounds, and treatment for heat stroke and shock. Ten tasks are based around patrolling techniques. Soldiers are tested on their ability to call for indirect fire, identify and employ hand grenades, utilize a map and compass, move under direct fire, and utilize an ASIP Radio to send tactical communications. Soldiers must pass 28 out of 30 tasks in order to continue testing. All tasks must be completed in a certain order and in the allotted time. The fifth day consists of a 12-mile foot march carrying 35 lbs. of tactical equipment. Soldiers must complete the 12-mile foot March within three hours. Once the foot march is complete, every soldier is tested on their ability to evaluate a casually and evacuate him to a safe area. This is the last task that each soldier must complete to earn the expert infantryman’s badge. I will say on behalf of the citizens of Midway ... “Thank you for your service.”

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