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Cruel practice Editor, The Sun: Here in Woodford County, we are surrounded by beautifully kept horse farms, and the equine industry is an important part of our economy. Many Kentuckians are horse lovers, and as such, we should not continue to tolerate the shameful practice known as "soring." This training technique of inflicting severe pain on legs and hooves is used on some Tennessee Walking Horses to produce an exaggerated and unnatural gait that is unfortunately rewarded by some horse show judges. Legislation was adopted in 1970 to outlaw soring, but the USDA has lagged in enforcing the Horse Protection Act, instead allowing the Walking Horse industry to do its own inspections. Soring continues to occur among some trainers, and horses are paying the price. The USDA has recently proposed banning the chains and heavy shoes used in soring and ending the industry's ridiculous self-policing policy. Unfortunately, Congressman Andy Barr and other Kentucky legislators have chosen to request a further extension of a public comment period. After so many years of cruelty, why should any extension be tolerated? I urge all citizens to contact our legislators and ask them to support the new legislation proposed by the USDA. This action in no way threatens the health of the horse industry; it can only benefit the voiceless victims of soring. Catherine Bishop Versailles A bit premature Editor, The Sun: Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has taken the unusual action of naming a list of potential Supreme Court nominees. He broke with tradition recently by going further and naming Cabinet and other appointees. He selected Chris Christi as attorney general, Newt Gingrich as secretary of state, and Rudy Giuliani as secretary of war... er . defense. He went on to make Judge Judy his first Supreme Court nominee and Dr. Oz - surgeon general. L. Wayne Scott Woodford County

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