• Bob Vlach, Woodford Sun Staff

Second-floor residences in professional offices backed by commission

The Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Planning and Zoning Commission recommended an ordinance text amendment allowing residences as an accessory use in professional office (P-1) districts. The commission's recommendation by a 7 to 0 vote followed its Oct. 13 public hearing, with no one speaking in opposition to the proposed text amendment. Residences will only be allowed on the second story (and above) of professional office buildings under the proposed amendment, which now goes to the city councils in Midway and Versailles, and Woodford Fiscal Court for final approvals. Versailles City Council passed a resolution last month requesting a hearing on the text amendment, citing "unique opportunities that requires maximum flexibility." While troubled by the ambiguity of that language, commission member Rich Schein said, "I think it's actually a great idea. It's moving towards mixed use and more possibilities of infill." One property in the P-1 district - Bluegrass Community Hospital - was cited as an example of a building that would be permitted to have second-floor apartments under the proposed text amendment. The likelihood of that happening greatly increases if the hospital moves to a new location and its current facility on Amsden Avenue becomes available for a different use. Patty Perry recused herself from the hearing and did not vote on the proposed text amendment, while Randal Bohannon was not present during the commission's meeting. Daisy Hill plan The Planning Commission unanimously approved an amended development plan allowing Daisy Hill Senior Living to move forward with plans for seven duplexes - called villas - on its property at 1001 Crossfield Drive. Daisy Hill will initially construct two villas, each housing two units for independent living. The lots for all seven proposed villas are resized in the revised development plan. Rose Ridge plat A final record plat creating 34 residential lots in the Rose Ridge Subdivision at 216 Old Dry Ridge Road was approved by the commission. The approved plat also creates one lot for storm water management and public streets. The commission also approved a bond amount of $89,322 - set by the City of Versailles - for the final course of road pavement, as well as installation of sidewalks and site cleanup.

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